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2011 American Handgunner Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Subject Page
HJF1108 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers Jan/Feb Speak Out 8
HJF1122 Trooper Trends Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb Cop Talk 22
HJF1124 The Long and Short of It J.D. Jones Jan/Feb Handgun Hunting 24
HJF1126 Holster Thoughts Clint Smith Jan/Feb Reality Check 26
HJF1128 BluMagnum Grips John Taffin Jan/Feb Taffin Tests 28
HJF1130 Purdy Gear Roy Huntington Jan/Feb
Carry Options
HJF1132 Happy New Year! Now Survive it John Connor Jan/Feb Guncrank Diaries 32
HJF1134 Pistolsmith Envelope-Pusher Dave Anderson Jan/Feb Winning Edge 34
H0JF1136 Home-Made Hollow Points John Taffin Jan/Feb Handloading 36
HJF1140 Colt Rising Alex Hamilton Jan/Feb Pistolsmithing 40
HJF1144 Hip Pocket Handguns Mike “Duke” Venturino Jan/Feb Shooting Iron 44
HJF1106 The Insider Roy Huntington Jan/Feb An Expert’s Gun 106
HJF1120 Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb The Ayoob Files 20
HJF1138 Buck Mark .22 Dave Anderson Jan/Feb Better Shooting 38
HJF1142 Trio from Freedom Arms John Taffin Jan/Feb The Sixgunner 42
HJF1196 CORBON, Grayman Knives, SureFire and TMT Wallet Roy Huntington Jan/Feb Gunnysack 96
HJF1146 Brawny carry guns- or a big waste of time? Mike “Duke” Venturino Jan/Feb Big Bore Snubbies 46
HJF1150 Hide it, flaunt it, sling it or stuff it… John Connor Jan/Feb Cool Carry Options 50
HJF1152 Expanding the options for the XD series Clint Smith Jan/Feb Springfield Armory’s XDm .45 ACP 52
HJF1158 A quick look back during our 35th Anniversary! Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 35 years…How’d that Happen? 58
HJF1160 Too ground breaking- too soon? J.B. Wood Jan/Feb Almosts: Piranha! 60
HJF1162 AH’s Christmas Gift Guide John Connor Jan/Feb Great Goodies for the Gunners on your list! 62
HJF1164 Knifemaker Jim Hammond goes beyond his Southern roots Pat Covert Jan/Feb Small Town, World Class! 64
HJF1166 The “Original Dirty Harry” shoulder holster maker John Connor Jan/Feb Lawman Leather 66
HJF1192 Spotlight Steve Evatt Jan/Feb Spotlight 92
HJF11100 Custom Corner AH Staff Jan/Feb Custom Corner 100
HJF11102 Ad Index AH Staff Jan/Feb Ad Index 102
AJF11103 Classifieds AH Staff Jan/Feb Classifieds 103
HMA1108 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers Mar/Apr Speak Out 8
HMA1122 Shoot? Move? Clint Smith Mar/Apr Reality Check 22
HMA1124 A Street Cop’s Custom Revolvers Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr Cop Talk 24
HMA1126 Playin’ Favorites J.D. Jones Mar/Apr Handgun Hunting 26
HMA1128 Playin Favorites:The Other 1911 Super .38 Supers John Taffin Mar/Apr Taffin Tests 28
HMA1130 Sharp Edges Mike “Duke” Venturino Mar/Apr Shooting Iron 30
HMA1134 An Interview With Mister B. John Connor Mar/Apr Guncrank Diaries 34
HMA1136 Frequently Asked Questions Alex Hamilton Mar/Apr Pistolsmithing 36
HMA1140 Mooning Smiths? Dave Anderson Mar/Apr Winning Edge 40
HMA1142 True Custom Bullets John Taffin Mar/Apr Handloading 42
HMA1144 Simply Rugged Holsters Roy Huntington Mar/Apr Carry Options 44
HMA11114 The Opposite of Dirty? Roy Huntington Mar/Apr The Insider 114
HMA1132 Safety Catch: Lessons from real-world gunfights Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr The Ayoob Files 32
HMA1138 S&W’s timeless K-22 Dave Anderson Mar/Apr Better Shooting 38
HMA1146 Hamilton Bowen’s No. 5 Sixgun. John Taffin Mar/Apr The Sixgunner 46
HMA11106 Bluestone light, Gemini Grips, Powder River XD parts and Reeder Knives Roy Huntington Mar/Apr Gunnysack 106
HMA1148 Duke takes on using cast bullets in your favorite auto Mike “Duke” Venturino Mar/Apr Cast Bullets 48
HMA1152 A .410/.45 Colt pocket tool? J.B. Wood Mar/Apr Taurus Public Defender 52
HMA1154 Grayman Knives: Tough enough for you! Pat Covert Mar/Apr Havoc In Hand 54
HMA1156 A browny beast of a blaster in .500 S&W Magnum. John Taffin Mar/Apr S&W’s Bone-Crushin’ Bone Collector 56
HMA1162 Handgunner staffers tell the stories of their first 1922s Roy Huntington Mar/Apr My First 1911 62
HMA1166 Must-haves when it comes to reloading Dave Anderson Mar/Apr Reloading Highlights 66
HMA1171 Forget gold…invest in ammo! John Connor Mar/Apr More, Better, Cheaper! 71
HMA11100 AH Staff Mar/Apr Custom Corner 100
HMA11102 Spotlight Steve Evatt Mar/Apr Spotlight 102
HMA11110 Ad Index AH Staff Mar/Apr Ad Index 110
HMA11111 Classifieds AH Staff Mar/Apr Classifieds 111
HMJ1108 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers May/June Speak Out 8
HMJ1122 30 Years of Change Massad Ayoob May/June Cop Talk 22
HMJ1124 Butt Carry? Clint Smith May/June Reality Check 24
HMJ1126 Big Bullet Baloney John Taffin May/June Handloading 26
HMJ1128 Whisper Noise and Recoil Control J.D. Jones May/June Handgun Hunting 28
HMJ1130 The Mauser HSc/HK4 vs. The Editor Dave Anderson May/June Winning Edge 30
HMJ1134 Idioglossia for Gunners John Connor May/June Guncrank Diaries 34
HMJ1136 Born Again Bisley John Taffin May/June Taffin Tests 36
HMJ1138 Drop-In Springs? Alex Hamilton May/June Pistolsmithing 38
HMJ1140 The Colt Model 1903 .32 Mike “Duke” Venturino May/June Shooting Iron 40
HMJ1142 Alessi Holsters American Craftsmanship Roy Huntington May/June Carry Options 42
HMJ1174 Goodbye to Right to Carry? Alan Korwin May/June Gun Rights 74
HMJ11114 Shot Stuff Roy Huntington May/June The Insider 114
HMJ1120 Competition Gear Dave Anderson May/June Better Shooting 20
HMJ1132 .45 vs .45 shoot-out! Massad Ayoob May/June The Ayoob Files 32
HMJ1144 The .500 S&W Special John Taffin May/June The Sixgunner 44
HMJ11102 Leather Lightning, Russel Field Knife, Rusty’s Rags and Tiger Holster System Roy Huntington May/June Gunnysack 102
HMJ1146 North American Arm’s tidy top break! Roy Huntington May/June NAA’s Magnum Ranger 46
HMJ1148 Dwaine Carrillo’s edgy knives. Pat Covert May/June Future Brutes! 48
HMJ1151 Custom loads for the discriminating Handgunner Mark Hampton May/June Buffalo Bore Ammo 51
HMJ1152 Wait, these aren’t real guns! Duke like’s ’em? Mike “Duke” Venturino May/June Airsoft Fun Guns 52
HMJ1104 A cased Heirloom Precision 1911 set Roy Huntington May/June Excellence Defined 54
HMJ1162 What does $300 buy you in a 9mm? Mike Cumpston May/June Zastava Model 88 62
HMJ1164 Airsoft extravaganza- planning for that back yard safari! Dave Anderson May/June More Fun, More Shooting 64
HMJ1167 What story does this Serial #1 tell? ED Jennings May/June Mama Ida’s Old Gun 67
HMJ1171 The Browning “Baby” returns! J.B. Wood May/June The P.S.A. .25 Auto 71
HMJ1172 Benefitting the Naval Special Warfare Foundation Charity Steve Bailey May/June Win A Colt 1911 Set By LTW 72
HMJ1189 Catalog Showcase AH Staff May/June Catalog Showcase 89
HMJ1197 Custom Corner AH Staff May/June Custom Corner 97
HMJ11106 Steve Evatt May/June Spotlight 106
HMJ11109 Classifieds AH Staff May/June Classifieds 109
HMJ11110 Index AH Staff May/June Ad Index 110
HJA1108 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers Jul/Aug Speak Out 8
HJA1122 Being Armed Off-Duty Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug Cop Talk 22
HJA1124 Silencer Stuff Alex Hamilton Jul/Aug Pistolsmithing 24
HJA1126 CrossBreed Holsters Ugly-But-Works Sammy Reese Jul/Aug Carry Options 26
HJA1130 Power Custom ‘Finally’ Gun Clint Smith Jul/Aug Reality Check 30
HJA1132 Duke’s Luck Mike “Duke” Venturino Jul/Aug Shooting Iron 32
HJA1134 Who Needs a .357 Anyway? John Taffin Jul/Aug Taffin Tests 34
HJA1136 50 States, 50 Guns: Let’s Get Rollin’! John Connor Jul/Aug Guncrank Diaries 36
HJA1140 Deep, Cheap and Accurate John Taffin Jul/Aug Handloading 40
HJA1142 Parts-Gun-Rebirth Dave Anderson Jul/Aug Winning Edge 42
HJA1147 Are Gun Meltdowns a Fraud? Alan Korwin Jul/Aug Gun Rights 47
HJA11106 Wheelgun Wherewithal Roy Huntington Jul/Aug The Insider 106
HJA1120 The lessons of Edgar Watson Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug The Ayoob Files 20
HJA1128 Master pistolsmith Jim Clark Sr. Dave Anderson Jul/Aug Better Shooting 28
HJA1144 Heritage .357/.22 Rough Riders John Taffin Jul/Aug The Sixgunner 44
HJA1194 McCormick magazine, LaserMax Genesis, PDA holser and RCBS AmmoMaster Roy Huntington Jul/Aug Gunnysack 94
HJA1148 Is it real…or not? C&S’s 1911 stunner! Roy Huntington Jul/Aug Cylinder & Slide Retro-Gun 48
HJA1150 Keep those cannons clean! Spritz, goop & grease for your Roscoes. John Connor Jul/Aug A Close Look At: Gun Cleaning 50
HJA1152 Kimber reinvents the pocket pistol concept! Dave Anderson Jul/Aug Kimber’s New Solo Carry 52
HJA1158 Emerson and Les Baer knife/gun collaboration set Dave Douglas Jul/Aug A Pair To Draw To 58
HJA11060 Inside a Hollywood movie armory Allan Pell Jul/Aug Hollywood Gun-Runners 60
HJA1164 Huh? What’s this? It can’t be?!? Has Duke gone nuts? Mike “Duke” Venturino Jul/Aug Best Ever Revolver Cartridge? 64
HJA1166 Hogue explodes onto the knife scene! Pat Covert Jul/Aug Grip This! 66
HJA1171 Gotta’-have knives. Keep your edge sharp with these cool cutters. John Connor Jul/Aug A Close Look At: Knives 71
HJA1173 Webley’s Model 1909- ugly buy good? J.B. Wood Jul/Aug Shooting the Old Stuff 73
HJA1172 Custom Corner AH Staff Jul/Aug Custom Corner 72
HJA1198 Spotlight Steve Evatt Jul/Aug Spotlight 98
HJA11102 Ad Index AH Staff Jul/Aug Ad Index 102
HJA11103 Classifieds AH Staff Jul/Aug Classifieds 103
HSO1108 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers Sep/Oct Speak Out 8
HSO1122 Playin’ Favorites .22 Semi-Auto John Taffin Sep/Oct Taffin Tests 22
HSO1124 Shrap & Frags John Connor Sep/Oct Guncrank Diaries 24
HSO1126 To Check or Not to Check? John Taffin Sep/Oct Handloading 26
HSO1128 Boutiques vs. Godzillas Clint Smith Sep/Oct Reality Check 28
HSO1130 PPC Gun of Yesteryear Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct Cop Talk 30
HSO1134 Pondering Pocket Power Dave Anderson Sep/Oct Winning Edge 34
HSO1138 Night Ops J.D. Jones Sep/Oct Handgun Hunting 38
HSO1142 Carrying Junk? Sammy Reese Sep/Oct Carry Options 42
HSO1144 A Lifetime of Hats Mike “Duke” Venturino Sep/Oct Shooting Iron 44
HSO1146 Fakes Alex Hamilton Sep/Oct Pistolsmithing 46
HSO1177 Are Your Words Killing Your Gun Rights? Alan Korwin Sep/Oct Gun Rights 77
HSO11114 A Retro Spectacle Roy Huntington Sep/Oct The Insider 114
HSO1132 The Tucson Atrocity: Joe Zamudio’s Story Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct The Ayoob Files 32
HSO1136 Polymer CZ P-07 Dave Anderson Sep/Oct Better Shooting 36
HSO1140 The Coonan .357 Magnum returns! John Taffin Sep/Oct The Sixgunner 40
HSO11102 AE Light, Bianchi Foldaway Holster, GunVault and SureStrike Roy Huntington Sep/Oct Gunnysack 102
HSO1148 Defensive ammo- what do you really need to know? Dave Emary Sep/Oct Too Many Boxes 48
HSO1151 Win a chance at this stunning set! Roy Huntington Sep/Oct APG Raffle Guns 51
HSO1152 Umarex’s new .22 and .45 1911’s Mike “Duke” Venturino Sep/Oct A Double Hit 52
HSO1154 The FNP-45 Competition is more than meets the eye. Dave Anderson Sep/Oct FNH’s “Do-Anything” Auto 54
HSO1162 Thunder Ranch’s “Defensive Handgun” Class Jeremy Clough Sep/Oct Occam’s Razor 62
HSO1167 Tactical, practical and just flat-out cool. Add-ons, updates and adornment for your ordance John Connor Sep/Oct A Close Look At: Accessories 67
HSO1168 Triple Eight Professional’s innovative carry knives Pat Covert Sep/Oct Pocket Dynamite! 68
HSO1170 The .380 LCP’s big brother! Pat Cascio Sep/Oct Ruger’s LC9 9mm Compact 70
HSO1175 Novak’s idea of a Colt .25 Auto Jeremy Clough Sep/Oct Footsteps of the Master 75
HSO1199 How high’s your high-tech? Great gizmos for Gunners! John Connor Sep/Oct A Close Look At: High-Tech 99
HSO1196 Website Showcase AH Staff Sep/Oct Website Showcase 96
HSO11100 Custom Corner AH Staff Sep/Oct Custom Corner 100
HSO11106 Spotlight Steve Evatt Sep/Oct Spotlight 106
HSO11110 Ad Index AH Staff Sep/Oct Ad Index 110
HSO11111 Classifieds AH Staff Sep/Oct Classifieds 111
HND1108 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers Nov/Dec Spotlight 8
HND1118 Monster Magnums J.D. Jones Nov/Dec Handgun Hunting 18
HND1122 Mr. Murphy Visits John Taffin Nov/Dec Handloading 22
HND1124 On Bein Thankful John Connor Nov/Dec Guncrank Diaries 24
HND1126 Springfield Armory’s Dave Anderson Nov/Dec Winning Edge 26
HND1128 Off-Duty/ Backup Gun Thoughts Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec Cop Talk 28
HND1130 Shoulder Stuff Sammy Reese Nov/Dec Carry Options 30
HND1132 A Compelling Trio from Springfield Armory Pat Covert Nov/Dec Taffin Tests 32
HND1136 The Magic Wheel Clint Smith Nov/Dec Reality Check 36
HND1140 Pistols For the Heck Of It Alex Hamilton Nov/Dec Pistolsmithing 40
HND1142 A Shoulder Holster That Isn’t Mike “Duke” Venturino Nov/Dec Shooting Iron 42
HND1177 Are Gun-Free Zones…Gun Free? Alan Korwin Nov/Dec Gun Rights 77
HND11106 Acquisitional Deficiency? Roy Huntington Nov/Dec The Insider 106
HND1120 25 Years after the FBI firefight-lessons learned Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec The Ayoob Files 20
HND1134 .22 Sport Pistols Dave Anderson Nov/Dec Better Shooting 34
HND1138 Ruger’s Single-Action Beginnings: The 1950’s John Taffin Nov/Dec The Sixgunner 38
HND11100 PolyTac 90 and Shakaulu knife Roy Huntington Nov/Dec Gunnysack 100
HND1145 A Croatian surprise in 9mm J.B. Wood Nov/Dec The PHP MV 17 54
HND1146 Christmas warmth for our warriors John Connor Nov/Dec Grunt’s Gift Guide 2011 46
HND1148 Colt’s stunning 100th Anniversary Edition .45 John Taffin Nov/Dec A “Real” 1911 48
HND1150 Canadian Sean O’Hare blends good looks with primo slice. Pat Covert Nov/Dec Stylin’ Steel 50
HND1152 Les Baer’s Premium 1911’s Roy Huntington Nov/Dec Brand Franchise 52
HND1158 Sorting out what’s what and what’s not Mike “Duke” Venturino Nov/Dec A Colt Single-Action Primer 58
HND1163 Hey, Buddy-got a light? You need the right light, for the right job John Connor Nov/Dec A Close Look At: Lights 63
HND1164 Handgunner does a revisit-16 years later! Mike Cumpston Nov/Dec STI International 64
HND1166 Col. Rex Applegate’s shoot-out leads to a revolver’s redesign Michael Janich Nov/Dec Origins of the S&W Centennial Revolver 66
HND1181 Sales of Adamas to help benefit Ranger Assistance Fund. Pat Covert Nov/Dec Benchmade Honors 81
HND1185 The Tri-State Veteran’s Honor Guard ED Kohorst Nov/Dec The Final Salute 85
HND1176 Custom Corner AH Staff Nov/Dec Custom Corner 76
HND1178 Catalog Showcase AH Staff Nov/Dec Catalog Showcase 78
HND1182 Spotlight Steve Evatt Nov/Dec Spotlight 82
HND11102 Ad Index AH Staff Nov/Dec Ad Index 102
HND11103 Classifieds AH Staff Nov/Dec Classifieds 103
Item Article Author Issue Subject Page

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