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Kahr TP9 GEN2 Premium

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Les Baer’s Custom Carry Commanche

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Like its Boss 429 Mustang namesake, this
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Walther's New Flagship PDP Pistols
Spring Cleaning

Traditionally, when spring rolls around (it started March 20, just in case you missed it), it’s been my habit to head for the range and burn up a few...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Why Powder Coat?

For those who regularly pray to the silver stream from the melting pot, there’s a fairly new technique that is either loved by some or hated like the...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
girsan mc 14t in two-tone with barrel open
EAA Corp. Releases New Girsan MC 14T

The new Girsan MC 14T chambered in .380 ACP features a tip-up barrel to make loading and firing easy — no slide racking required.
Read Full Article Ashley McGee
Pistol Powders

My very first reloading manual, Lyman’s Reloader’s Handbook #45 (1967), is still on my desk. Along with it is their new one, #51 (2022). Handbook #45...
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino
The King’s Daughter

A couple of weeks into the new year, Lisa Marie Presley died at the age of 54. Like many kids born into show business royalty, hers was a tumultuous and...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD

You can always spot the reloader at the range. He pads behind departing shooters who leave their brass behind or looks longingly as it hits the ground. I...
Read Full Article Lindsey Bertomen
Property of the Emperor

Immediately after World War One, Japan’s military began to expand. The desire to expand the Empire required an influx of modern weapons. Handguns like the...
Read Full Article Tom Laemlein
Bravo Concealment LINKed Holster

If you’re an appendix carrier or considering the method, a spare mag solution is clearly in the benefits column. Consider the new LINKed Holster from...
Read Full Article Tom McHale

About five years ago, while knocking together a couple of holsters for a fall gun show, one of them didn’t turn out quite right and I tossed it aside,...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Driving While Armed

The trickiest things about carrying inside a vehicle are being mindful of changing laws driving cross country, being able to access the arm while driving...
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski

Springfield Armory 1911
Emissary Prize Package Giveaway

Enter To Win New Amazing Prizes Every Month



The Redhawk is probably the strongest double action revolver ever offered which is at the same time packable. The Super Redhawk may or may not be stronger,...
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Parlor Pistol...

Remington’s modern reputation of being on the cutting edge of the law enforcement, hunting and ammunition market is richly deserved. But one must...
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The First...

In 1814 we took a little trip along with Col. Jackson down the mighty Mississipp”; so sang Johnny Horton in his hit recording of “The Battle of New...
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A Close Look At:...

We smear oils and spray cleaners around with the best of ’em here at Handgunner, and truth be told, with rare exceptions, most do a good job. And like...
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Burnin' Hot

Plain and simple, among young custom knifemakers today, Lucas Burnley is red hot. And all things considered, he’s done it at light speed. While many...
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Hunting With The...

With the resurgence of the 10mm, semi-autos are becoming more prevalent in the field. When I see the growing supply of quality 10mm ammo, I know there’s a...
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blue background with that text that reads best shot ever
Best Shot Ever!

In this episode, the Gun Cranks share the best shots each of them has ever made. While none were record-breaking, they were impressive nonetheless.
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text that reads 'gun cleaning ... why bother?' with the gun cranks logo in the top right corner
Gun Cleaning ... Why Bother?

Too much of a good thing is still too much. The same can be true when it comes to gun cleaning. In this episode of the Gun Cranks, things get dirty as Brent...
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is the .44 magnum too much gun?
Is The .44 Magnum Too Much...

The .44 Magnum was famously called "the most powerful handgun [cartridge] in the world" by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. But is too much of a good thing...
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