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Pistol With A History

[…] in Korea, then-Major Marshall corresponded with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, sending the original G-Man some photos and information about […]

Inside Handgunner: Jan/Feb 2020

[…] Diaries – Guns to defend us from aliens (Jeff “Tank” Hoover) Winning Edge – Commonly mispronounced gun terms (Dave Anderson) […]

FUB’s Vs. FAB’s

By Tank Hoover Those smitten by the silver stream of steaming hot lead alloy know the difference between a FUB […]

Blurred Vision Back-Ups

I was reading Inside Hoover’s FBI, co-authored by famed former agent Neil Welch. Among many other high-profile arrests, he was […]

About Time

By Tank Hoover Being one of “Roy’s Boys” is a dream come true, even though he jokingly calls me the […]

The Dirt — On Dirt

By Tank Hoover Our Editor, Rocket Launchin’ Roy, does it again, while displaying his adolescent side — at my expense! […]

Keeping The Beast At Bay

By Tank Hoover Deep within the bowels of my home lurks a monster. No, really! When fed, he grows to […]

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