A Close Look At: Carry Options


Tired of the mundane when it comes to carrying your favorite defender? Want to think outside the box a bit now and again? Check out the eclectic carry lineup here and make some notes for Santa to find. If you need it, or just want it (trust us, we understand), here you go. Leaving your gun at home is a very bad idea, so make it as easy as you can to make sure you don’t violate rule one of a gunfight — have a gun.

Holster hero Justin Sitz came up with the idea for the Versacarry — a versatile (get it?) IWB holster. His idea? A small plastic belt clip drops down inside your pants where it attaches to a Delrin barrel retention rod. The rod goes into the barrel of the gun, and then you slip the gun and “holster” inside your pants. The barrel retention rod and belt clip are designed to clamp against the barrel, keeping the holster and gun together until you pull them apart. My test one handled a Kimber Solo, a J-frame S&W and a S&W Shield, for instance. Say goodbye to leather and hello to, um … uh … plastic and stuff. It works!

Disse Outdoor Gear normally makes fine shotgun cases and carry bags, but they also make solid carry belts. Their Amerihide belt models handle holster chores easily, and are stylish (yeah, we said stylish, what of it?) and obviously well made. The Any-Day Dual Layer belt is sturdy and flexible, and at the same time important if you wear a gun all day. The Amerihide belt is made from two layers of top-grain leather, creating a finished piece .25″ thick. Disse makes these custom handmade belts, to order, for about $60. That’s a steal.

Available in fits for small or medium auto, CrossBreed offers a deep-concealment option, and the calf support makes sure this rig won’t ride down. It has padding on the ankle side, a thumb break so you don’t loose Mr. Gun, but is still easy to draw from when the going gets tough. The small fit handles things like Ruger’s LCP and small Kahrs, while the medium handles the Glock 26, S&W Shield and the XDs, for instance. Both are available in right- or left-hand versions, and come with a 2-week try it free guarantee and lifetime warranty. There you go.

There’s a reason you see Maxpedition bags and gear in the hands of cops and other professional-types — like you guys and gals — it’s because it’s some of the best gear you can buy when it comes to humpin’ stuff around. The Sitka Gearslinger is compact and pocket rich. Internals allow you to hide/store a laptop or iPad perfectly, along with enough goodies to make it a world-class carry-on (including an external water bottle pocket). A hidden, zippered pouch allows concealed carry, and the external straps allow you to stash ’yer coat or other bulky stuff. It’s big enough to have “just enough” stuff in it, but not so big you’re tempted to toss in the 6-cell maglight, bolt cutters and spare boots. Get it?

Safariland’s 7TS Series is constructed of SafariSeven, a DuPont nylon blend and came to us packed in a plastic bag full of water. They say it’s impervious to the elements and we’d say, um … yeah. Mine has the ALS (Auto Locking System) feature so when you re-holster your gun, it locks it in. It came with both a belt slide and paddle and it works both ways just fine. The gun is held firmly, but the draw is still very smooth. It’s currently available for Glocks and Berettas, but more fits are expected soon. It’s okay to lock your CCW gun in. Be extra safe, but remember to train with it!

The Vanquest Envoy Tactical Messenger Bag is a sort of do-all daily bag to carry all that “take it to the office, go on a plane ride, drive across country, be a detective, carry it in my police car, handle my sales samples” stuff. It’s all made from miracle materials like 1000-D Cordura, ripstop nylon, YKK zippers and other cool things like that. You can stash up to a 15″ laptop in it and it has over 20 compartments, including a dedicated CCW compartment. I’ve used this very bag on about four big trips (two cross-country drives and two long flights) and it performed great. The drop-in organizer (not shown) doubles as a range bag, camera bag or whatever. The top zipper allows you to get inside without undoing the flap. A great design in a daily-use bag that doesn’t scream tactical or CCW.

Viridian Green Laser (famous for their green laser systems) has two cool new products. Their new Radiance system for their weaponlights forms a horizontal oblong of illumination, very consistent throughout, rather than the typical round beam. The result is no wasted light overhead or below, but great illumination of lateral threats so you scan less and see more. VGL also offers an ECR (Enhanced Combat Readiness) TacLoc holster to fit the Springfield Armory XD-S equipped with a Radiance “Gen-2” C5L light-and-green-laser unit. Just program the C5L as you like — light only/ laser only/ light and laser, steady or strobing — and holster it in the TacLoc. Draw it by depressing the lock tab with your index finger, and your C5L activates automatically with your draw. You can easily conceal this system with a cover garment and there’s not much wrong with having a passive lock on your CCW rig! This is a great combo for anyone, especially cops.

Voodoo Tactical’s Mini Tobago Cargo Pack is a smaller version of their iconic Tobago pack, which is apparently simply too big for some people’s needs. The Mini Pack is hydration compatible, with many features shared with the bigger one, but in a package holding about half as much as the bigger version. There’s a pistol pouch, a zillion pouches and places to stash stuff, the back is padded and there’s a removable sternum strap. There’s MOLLE webbing all over, and the two handy side pouches can hold a water bottle or other grab it goodies. It’s just as tough as the original, and perfect for travel or a day trip.
By Roy Huntington

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