A Dog’s Life…


By Tank Hoover

Old Ruger and Samantha about four years ago. What a great dog …

We just can’t say enough about dogs, can we? I know I can’t. Dogs are medicine for our souls. As best friend and confidant, they provide us with love, entertainment and joy. By the end of their devoted life, they relinquish the final act of love to us … .

Whether sitting next to us during a long ride, or faithfully greeting us everyday, our dogs are always excited to see us, wagging their tails in delight. They only ask for one thing, and it’s what makes them thrive — “Spend some quality time with me.”

As I sit here typing, I make eye contact at regular intervals with my brood. Looking for answers, perhaps? Nah! Just letting them know all is well, as they lay in their beds, waiting for playtime. Pretty easy, right? I know … I have a tough life.

Maisie Lynn, our Border Collie, Lab, German Shepard rescue pup. She keeps things lively, for sure.

Eager To Work

Dogs live for pleasing us! These brave souls protect our families, sounding the alarm with their barks while thwarting any trespassers with their bite. They hunt with us, pointing and flushing out game, retrieving it and giving us dirty looks, should we miss. They enthusiastically round up goats, sheep and cattle, all for praise. It’s all they want … acceptance from their master.
They’re used as guide and service dogs, always happy to lend a paw. How about dogs in uniform? Our K-9 corps for both police and military has a long and distinguished list of dogs that have served.

Whether pursuing perpetrators or sniffing out bombs, dogs do the job to please their handler, asking for nothing in return and many times giving their lives so their masters and other unknowing souls survive.

Dogs make a house a home and keep us entertained and smiling. Here’s Maisie and Cooper napping.

Home Schooled

As a retired cop and now, sometime key-pecker, I have the luxury of spending a lot of time at home. Being home-schooled in canine companionship, I’m still learning some mighty fine lessons from my four-legged lecturers. Sure, they talk to me and I answer back. If you can’t hear what your dog’s saying, you need to listen harder.

The most important lesson is pretty obvious. We all get the dog we deserve… Huh? Yep, in spades. Dogs only know how to react by how they are treated. Treat them well and you are rewarded with an unconditional love, rivaled by none.

Dogs are more forgiving than us while still displaying love, no matter how undeserving. Another lesson, perhaps?

We teach them as pups, but in the end, they teach us more. A few months ago, I experienced the hardest of lessons with our black Labrador, Ruger. It’s the only bad part of having a dog; saying that final goodbye. But the positive consequences far outweigh the hurt and leaking eyes, reminding us nothing lasts forever. Appreciate your dog every day … .

Here’s Mattis, Bill’s pup. What a beautiful dog!

New Beginnings

A new pup won’t replace your old buddy, but they sure can distract us. The pup will help you commiserate, causing flashbacks as you teach them the same lessons your old pooch mastered.

Maisie Lynn is our new rescue pup. A black Lab, Border collie, German Shepard mix, I think she has the bad traits of all. She is feisty, full of spirit, independent and fun. She will be a great dog and we look forward to spending the rest of her life with us!

Guardian Angels…

I’ve noticed something sentimental dog lovers do. Looking back, I recall it happening several times, without recognizing it. I do now…

Recently, my good buddy, Bill, bought a beautiful German Shepard pup. Bill is a retired state trooper, K-9 handler and SWAT team member. He told me in his jokingly blunt manner,” I’m 75 and know I can go 10 toes up any day, not that I’m looking to leave anytime soon. I just want my wife to have someone to look after her, provide protection and companionship, if something should happen to me … .”

Only a true dog person would understand.

Going To The Dogs

You think I’m partial to dogs? You better believe it! There’s very few dogs I’ve met I didn’t get along with. That’s more than I can say about most people.

You can insult my guns, my choice of caliber or me, but insult my dogs? Well … I have no use for you! The other things we can debate till we’re both tongue-tied and tired of talking.

Those damn dogs … . What would we do without them? I hope we never find out … .

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5 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life…

  1. Charlie

    A pleasure to read your article and enjoy our present four legged friends and remember those who are no longer with us. Maybe it sounds kind of goofy, but when I “say my prayers”, included are all our dogs by name with the thought, We will meet again”.

  2. Keith Kirk

    Well done article you quoted my thoughts exactaly. I had 3 labs all gone to heaven now we are blessed with a American bull dog a bull dog boxer mix and a Yorkey mix for contrast and we love em all there are no dreary days around here. I love what Will Rogers once said (If dogs don’t go to Heaven then I want to go where they go……

  3. Karl Hoetzel

    Lost my golden Chelsie last august.I truly believe all dogs go to heaven.just spell dog backwards.as I write this my 9 month old redbone coonhound Aussie Shepard mix rescue is sound asleep curled up behind my legs pushing me off my bed.

  4. Joann Esposito

    Beautifully written, heartwarming story! I Thank you for putting into words what I feel in my heart, but don’t have the talent to write!

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