A Family Business

150 Years Of Service To Their Country.

How does a family’s business rate as a gun magazine topic? What about a family whose business for over 150 years has been defending this country’s interests by serving in the US Army’s infantry branch, in ranks from private to major general?

Back in 2008 at a local gun show, the Montana Military Vehicles Club had an outdoor display of their jeeps. Knowing some of the members, I gravitated to them as a place to rest my tired feet. Many conversations were on-going and in one of them I heard, a tall slender fellow mention during the Korean War a French officer said to his father something to the effect, “Let the commies charge, we can kill more of them when they’re in the open.”

He had my immediate attention because at the time I was reading a book on the Korean War and in it that same statement by the Frenchman was mentioned. So I asked the fellow his father’s identity. He was Col. James Adams, commander of the 23rd Infantry Regiment when that outfit captured the Korean hill that became famous as Heartbreak Ridge.

Afterwards, I joined that club and the tall slender fellow, Emory “Hank” Adams and I have become friends. Over time and many conversations I learned members of his family were present at an amazing variety of noteworthy places in American military history.
By Mike “Duke” Venturino
Photos By Yvonne Venturino

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