A Shoulder Holster That Isn’t

I’ve been searching around for a good method to carry a handgun if I’m not wearing a belt. I haven’t worn one for several years, for reasons too long to detail here. As I described in a previous Handgunner article, most shoulder holsters aren’t a viable choice for someone as broad as me because I’d need gorilla length arms to reach the handgun. But photos showing the type of holster issued to American tankers in World War II intrigued me. Those guys were forever climbing in and out of hatches; in turn they couldn’t have a belt holster hanging up every time they did. Instead, the holsters placed their 1911s in front, on their chests. In fact, I even bought a couple of replicas of such and found they make good photo props, but really didn’t suit my needs. Besides they were fairly “cheesy” in quality.

Last winter at a gun show here in Montana, I met a young saddle maker. His name is Wes Daems and he does business as 7X Leather. Along with being a horseman, Wes is also an avid handgun shooter and wisely carries a big-bore revolver with him on his family outings into the Montana mountains. As I also learned four decades back, he realized packing a handgun around day in and day out, especially while riding a horse, can be an awful nuisance. Worn on the hip, it catches on everything from tree limbs to packhorse lead ropes. And big handguns can be very tiresome when packed in traditional shoulder holsters. It gets to feeling like you’re toting a goose by the end of the day.

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