A Street Cop’s Custom Revolvers

In the summer of 2010, Detective Dennis O. Reichard retired after 36 years as a street cop and detective. Locally famous for his skill at solving homicide cases, he is better known nationally as a master of tuning the Smith & Wesson revolver, and is now free to devote more time to doing so. Always an enthusiastic Second Amendment supporter, he’s happy to do gun work for law-abiding armed citizens and officers alike.

I first met Denny on the pro-shooting tour in the early ’80s, at matches like Second Chance and Bianchi Cup where he competed with the duty gun that was his trademark for most of his police career, the 6″ S&W .44 Magnum. Hold on the Dirty Harry jokes, please. Dirty Harry shot blanks. Reichard’s duty load was a Federal or Remington 180-grain HP running 1,600 fps. He was big enough and skilled enough to shoot it so fast some other competitors nicknamed him “Rolling Thunder.” In 1981, ’82, and ’83 he won the Indiana State Championships in the Bianchi Cup format shooting Model 29s he’d tuned himself. “I believe the difference was that my guns ran smoother and faster, which allowed more time for correct sight alignment and trigger press,” he reminisces today.

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