Good Gear Gets You Going!
By Aimee Grant
Photos: Tim Brause

We’ve rounded up some of the best ready-to-run gear here. Accessories may seem like an add-on item, a quick second thought before you dash out the door. But in the real world of sunlight — or the scary night — the right accessory can, um … make your day, as Dirty Harry might say. Herewith are our votes for some day-making goodies.

US AmmoCounters’ plates install easily and count the rounds in the magazine. These plates show a highly visible round count as you load as well as count down as you shoot. They are ultra-durable magazine plates and install right onto your magazine. These magazines are a great tool for training, especially when you are setting up for specific drills!

The G-Code 2Fer Bag and Bang Box are the perfect duo to organize any day at the range. The 2Fer Bag is sized to fit two Bang Boxes (they do offer a 3Fer). It makes transporting two Bang Boxes an easy and organized event. The Velcro panels allow you to add your fave “moto” patch or name tag on the outside. The sturdy Bang Box’s zipper means you can throw the top open and reload right from the “box.” I use one for a camera bag, so get creative.

The Omnivore holster by Blackhawk! is a one-size-fits-most holster. The Omnivore fits over 150 guns (with accessory rails) and has an intuitive, adjustable thumb break. The technology of the Omnivore provides retention by securing the gun with the light instead of the gun. No fooling! This reduces the wear and tear on the gun from drawing too. Run multiple gun/light combos, all with one holster. This will revolutionize cop-gun carry.

The Walker’s Razor-XV is a rechargeable headset with retractable ear buds. When it’s charged (with the included USB cord) the headset has an estimated use time of eight hours and protects your hearing to the “tune” of 31 decibels. When you’re not at the range, they pair easily with your device so you use them like any other high quality earbuds. The Raxor-XV comes with three sets of cones to fit any ear. The Walker’s Razor-XV may be the last set of Bluetooth earbuds you’ll ever need!

The Vertx Delta Stretch pants feature articulated knees and a gusseted crotch to give you the freedom to move. The super-soft flexible fabric is reinforced at the seams and pocket edges for durability. These mostly cotton pants include a concealed carry zipper and knife-notched pockets. These are like cargo pants that got together with your favorite jeans!

Prevail glasses by Gargoyles Performance Eyewear are designed for safety but are high in style. They meet military specifications for high velocity, high mass impact and even optical clarity. The lenses control harsh light and are resistant to water and smudges. Gargoyles frames are injected with rubber, making them light and ridiculously flexible. Rest assured with a “Do the Right Thing” warranty, too. If something happens Gargoyles will be there to keep your eyes protected with safety and style.

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