Advanced Tactics

From the Advanced Tactics Thunder Ranch video training course featuring Clint Smith.

A preview of Clint Smith’s new Advanced Tactics training DVD — 2:03.

Clint Smith’s new Advanced Tactics training DVD offers reliable solutions for when you’ll need them most.

This full-length video, filmed on location at Thunder Ranch in Oregon, includes one hour and 13 minutes of demonstration and tactical methods.

Are you prepared to clear a room or staircase in your home with your family inside?

Can you do it with a handgun or long gun with a hand-held light?

Order today and learn new skills — before you need them.

52 Video Chapters Include:
• Tactical Leans
• Handgun And Long Gun Clearing Techniques
• Logical Speed
• Maintaining Escape Routes
• Working With Lights
• Multiple Lights And Threats
And MUCH, MUCH More!