Advertising Reader Profile

Make sure your advertising schedule includes American Handgunner Magazine. America’s First. America’s Best.

If you want to reach a buying circulation of handgun shooting enthusiasts with your sales message, choose American Handgunner.

In 1976 American Handgunner became the first magazine devoted 100% to handguns and handgun shooting sports.

Today it’s still the first place handgunners everywhere turn for the latest and most reliable handgun news and information.

American Handgunner readers are active, recreational and competitive shooters. They use what they read in each issue as a guide to making smart handgun and accessory buying decisions.



    American Handgunner’s audience is composed of serious, knowledgeable handgun enthusiasts. This upscale audience, while focusing primarily interest on handguns, has also demonstrated interest in centerfire and rimfire rifles and shotguns.

    Member of Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC)

    Where American Handgunner readers shoot most often:

    66% Range/Gun Club
    23% Private Property
    5% Designated Area
    6% Public Lands

    91% of readers have purchased products advertised in American Handgunner

    Who American Handgunner readers shoot with?

    36% Alone
    45% Friends
    18% Family

    Planned handgun purchases within the next six months:

    39% Revolver
    51% Pistol
    20% not sure

    American Handgunner readers top 10 “other” recreational activities

    20% Archery
    18% Bicycling
    24% Boating
    36% Camping
    32% Exercise
    43% fishing
    26% Hiking
    21% NASCAR
    16% Off-Roading
    15% Swimming

    Pass Along Readership:

    Over 88% of American Handgunner readers share their magazine with between one and four other people.


    Over 90% plan on purchasing another handgun within the next six months.

    39% Revolver • 51% Auto

    Over 65% purchase shooting supplies through the mail.

    Over 93% have purchased products advertised in American Handugnner.

    Over 42% use the internet for handgun information at least once a week.


    Over 59% hunt.

    Over 36% hunt with a handgun.

    Handgun Use

    Over 23% use handguns for personal protection.

    Over 36% use handguns for hunting.

    Over 37% use handguns for recreational reasons.

    Over 9% use handguns for competition.


    Over 42% plan to spend $500 to $1,000 on handguns and accessories in the next year.

    Over 18% plan to spend $1,001 to $2,000 on handguns and accessories in the next year.

    Over 6% plan to spend $2,001 to $4,000 on handguns and accessories in the next year.


    Over 47% reload their own ammo.

    Over 24% purchase ammo every time they shoot.

    Over 55% buy ammo several times a year.

    Reader Interest

    Over 91% of American Handgunner readers say the photography is very important.

    Over 87% agree that stock gun test reports are very important.

    Over 86% consider the staff of writers to be very important.

    Over 84% say the Custom Gun Giveaway is very important.

    Over 52% think the competition coverage to be very important.