AE Lifelight

AE Lifelight

Okay, so there’s a back-story as to just why this light is beat-up. Marc Allsman of AE lights told me, “Oh yeah, its rugged. You could park your tractor on it.” So I did. My John Deere 4120 with filled rear tires weighs around 5,000 pounds and I parked a rear tire on top of the LifeLight. It stayed on and then worked fine after I picked it up. But, well, I got to thinking … I was about to mow one of our pastures. So, I tied the LifeLight to a bit of paracord and dragged it behind me for a few passes. It still worked fine. Okay, so this thing probably is as tough as Marc says. But why is that important?

The LifeLight was originally built as a last-resort emergency light for cave divers. This is the light they go to when all else fails. If it’s good enough for a cave diver, it’s probably good enough for guys like us. It will deliver 270 lumens (with fresh batteries) for about 1 to 2 hours, 180 lumens for 3 to 5 hours, and 80 lumens for 48 to 72 hours. Even after one week of constant use, there’s still enough light to read a map or even get attention in the dark. The body of the light is made of Delrin Acetal Resin, which is the same stuff they make automotive engine gears out of, and the light is rated for virtually any hazardous locations. It can use standard or lithium AA batteries (I like that), and there’s no switches, you just turn the head in to turn it on, back it off a bit to turn it off. Oh, it’s also good to 600 feet in water.

So you see, the LifeLight ($145) just might be the ultimate last-ditch light. I figure it’d be perfect for a rugged hunt, your bug-out-bag or any situation that might turn nasty. At least you’ll have light, eh? For more info:

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