Affordable Single Actions


Heritage Manufacturing is importing Pietta parts from Italy and assembling “Rough Rider” authentic looking replica single action sixguns in this country. While they have the authentic styling they also feature the use of a transfer bar safety making them a true six-shooter. The sights are traditional single action following the hog-wallow trough through the top of the mainframe, however they provide a very good sight picture with a square notch rear sight which is matched up with a non-tapered front sight. The front of the cylinder is nicely chamfered in the old black powder style as is the front of the ejector rod housing.

Grips are 1-piece Cocobolo, fitted very well, and although they are a little wide for my taste they could easily be re-shaped. Heritage offers a choice of full blue, blue with a case colored frame, and full nickel plating as well as a choice of the traditional barrel lengths of 43/4″, 51/2″ and 71/2″. The test gun is a 71/2″ full blued version, which is finished quite nicely with excellent fit. The Heritage is nicely tuned, and the cylinder locks up tightly with no play.

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One thought on “Affordable Single Actions

  1. Dave

    I purchased a Heritage Rough Rider .22/.22wmr combo single action with the 6.5 inch barrel about 2 years ago. I have to say that for the price, it’s a nice little gun. It’s got about 500 rounds through it and not a sigle problem. Most of that is 22wmr ammo too. Fun to shoot and accurate, great for backyard plinking or going with me for a walk in the woods. If you have been wanting an inexpensive .22 pistol and don’t mind the single action and 6 shot capacity, this is a great deal in my opinion!

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