American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive 2015 Special Edition


How Will You Survive?

Everyone is vulnerable to some sort of catastrophe. Natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes,
wildfires and hurricanes, and man made calamities like power outages and terrorist plots could
disrupt daily routines for unknown lengths of time. The Survive Special Editions provides readers
with practical steps to take in preparing for the unexpected.

Here’s What’s Included In This 174-Page Edition:

atv_150ATV SURVIVAL TIPS — Gear Up… And Get Out!

SURVIVAL SCATTERGUNS— The Undisputed Self-Defense Champ
Get New Life.


A GUNPOWDER ALTERNATIVE — Tenpoint’s Stealth SS Crossbow

hollowpoint_150HOLLOWPOINT ALTERNATIVES — Quantum Leaps In Bullet Reliability
And Performance.

SUN-COOKED — Solar Ovens For Preppers.

ARMAGEDDON EDGE — The Outdoor Edge Brush Demon.

fire_150ALL FIRED UP — 5 Methods Of Survival Fire Making.

WATER — Hydrate Or Die!

CENTURY’S RPK CLONES — The ‘If All Else Fails’ Solution.

THE BOLT-ACTION BEAM — Retina Roasting Reliability.

Chiappa_150MULTI-CALIBER SURVIVAL — Chiappa’s X-Caliber: The Ultimate Tool
For Staying Alive.

REFUSE THE REAPER — Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Skills.

BE ALARMED — Sabre Home Series DIY Alarm Systems.

911 AND CELL PHONES — Overcoming The Fatal Flaws.

KIT UP — Cool New Gear


GUN GIVEAWAY — Win Heizer Defense’s “Pocket AK Pistol” And More.

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT — Hot new products you must have!

BUYER’S GUIDE 2016 — Catalog of guns, knives, lasers and lights.

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