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If imitation truly is the greatest form of flattery, you would have to look long and hard to find a holster maker whose designs have been more “imitated” then Mr. Lou Alessi’s. Sadly, the world lost not just a great craftsman, but also a great man when Lou passed away in February of 2009. Lou is gone from our lives; but the company and legacy he started continues to live on today.

When Editor Roy first introduced me to Lou at the SHOT Show years ago, he told Lou I was member of the “addicted to the smell of fresh leather” club. I was embarrassed when Lou asked me if I had any of his holsters and hung my head in shame. In passing Lou said, “We’ll have to do something about that won’t we.” When our conversation concluded, I walked away knowing I had just met a truly great man.

About three weeks later, I was getting ready to head in for a swing shift when there was a UPS-knock at the door. The contents of the box blew me away; a Lou Alessi CQC/S with a single mag pouch for my Glock 23 and a note — “Now you have one my holsters.” It seems Lou, with the help of Mr. Roy, had taken care of me in a very big way.
I had it on the other day, and a friend asked wasn’t it a collectors item now that Lou had passed on? I told him if Lou were to find out I had put the holster in a box, he would be disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Alessi Holsters

  1. Don Roberts

    Hi Sammy (and Roy),

    There is another huge benefit (at least for me) to using a pocket holster. It keeps pockets from wearing out so quickly. I can’t tell you how many pockets I’ve attempted to sew and/or patch up. The abrasive factor of the edges of the gun rubbing against the fabric of your pocket takes it’s toll after a while. Since discovering pocket holsters, I’ve never again had to go though the pocket mending gyrations. I enjoy your column immensely. Have a good ‘un. DR Tulsa, OK

  2. ChrisW

    I recently purchased a .380 auto. She is carried ‘hot and ready’. Due to its small size, she doesn’t carry well from the hip. I used to stick it in my front pocket. But, there is no manual safety, or mag disconnect. Lets just say, my ‘manhood’ would retract into my abdomen! A great pocket holster like to one mentioned, provides added trigger safety, keeps the finish free of dings and dents from coins, keys and similar ‘pocket stuff’. My favorite aspect is the variation of carry position. All pockets, either side….anytime. Strong-side, front pocket in a pair of cargo shorts, while your walking in the park. Switches to the pocket of your windbreaker while your driving. My .380 gets a lot of carry time. Not because I’m in love with it, but the pocket holster is so versatile, I can carry a gun in pajama pants.

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