American Handgunner 2012 Digital Edition CD-Rom

Get All Six 2012 Issues Of
American Handgunner
On One CD-Rom!

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January/February Cover Story: SIG Sauer’s Stunning Scorpions!
A .45 ACP And .40 S&W Pair.

March/April Cover Story: Chambers Custom Mirror Image Duo
Reliability, Accuracy And Aesthetics… Times Two.

May/June Cover Story: Morris Custom’s SST1
Suppressor Specific Tier 1, Can You Say Plan B?

July/August Cover Story: Skorpions & Grim Reapers:
Reeder .44 Special & .55 Blasters!

September/October Cover Story: Dave Lauck
Fancy But Functional BBQ Guns!

November/December Cover Story: Glock 32 GEN4
Versatile .357 SIG Performer


This Digital Edition of American Handgunner includes all six from 2012 plus the Article Index. The files are saved as a searchable collection of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
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