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In bull’s-eye competition or in hunting, the ideal is a perfect sight picture. In practical shooting the objective is not accuracy alone, but a perfect balance of speed and accuracy. Competitors speak of an “acceptable” sight picture. A tight sight picture in which the front sight nearly fills the rear sight notch tends to be slow. Sometimes all we need is a bit of the front sight in the notch. Narrower front sights are one solution, though if the sight gets too narrow there’s a tradeoff in precision. And, a narrow sight may be too small to accept a tritium dot, should the shooter want one.

Amerigun makes several styles of sights for a wide range of popular handguns. The sight shown here has a triangular-shaped rear sight notch. It’s fast and easy to find the front sight in the wide base of the triangle. Although point of impact will be a bit low, at close/moderate distances the difference is inconsequential. As distance increases and a more precise sight picture is required, it’s easy and natural to lift the front sight into the narrower portion of the triangle.

The Amerigun sights show excellent workmanship, and fitted easily and precisely on my Glock 19. The rear sight is machined to a snag-free profile, secured in the dovetail cut with a setscrew. Amerigun is an authorized installer of the excellent Trijicon tritium night sights, as installed on these sights.

The triangular rear sight notch does make it easier to find the front sight fast, with no loss of precision when precision is needed. If you don’t care for the concept, Amerigun also offers sights with the standard square notch. Regardless of style these appear to be high quality, well-designed and well-made sights. For more info: or (248) 343-4854
By Dave Anderson

July/August 2012

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