Andrews’ “Business Exotic Line”

Sam Andrews runs a genuine 1-man shop, specializing in seriously cool leather gear of all sorts. From daily carry holsters and accessories, to eye-catching lines of related leather goodies, Sam knows his stuff. This latest offering just raised the bar for personal leather goods.

Called his “Business Exotic” line, these compelling exotic leather card cases and notebooks are easily high in the “gift to get someone who is impossible to get a gift for” category. During a conversation I was having with Sam some time ago, he mentioned the idea and I encouraged him. I also offered my idea of a leather case to hold a small notepad and business cards. I know iPhones and such are rampant, but I’m rarely caught without a notebook of some sort and a good pen. Sam, being of a certain age, as I am, agreed it was a good idea.

The samples we have here only touch on what might be had. The tan Cape Buffalo “Executive Book” on the top-left also has two card holding compartments and is just about indestructable, as are tough beasts spawning the leather it’s made from. Top to bottom on the right are card holders in Alligator Tail, Ostrich Leg and Spinal Stingray. The colors are lush, the textures wonderful to behold and anyone who is lucky enough to get one of these will have a life-long companion.

Starting at around $80 and going up from there — depending on what leather and style you decide upon — Sam’s work is always eye-catching, regardless of what you choose. As Sam laughingly told me, “Unlike my concealed carry holsters, at least you can flash these around!” What a statement at a board meeting, on your desk or simply knowing it’s resting in your pocket. Quality always begats satisfaction.

As a thank you to a good friend, a special gift for a family member — or for whatever reason, even no reason at all — make sure you deliver something truly unique and wonderful, and let Sam help you do it. For more info:, (386) 462-0576
By Roy Huntington

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