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When I first saw the Andrews Custom Leather booth at the NRA Show, I found myself drawn to it like some force field was pulling me in. At first it was the huge array of exotics that caught my eye, then it was the highly detailed work found in each product on display. What I saw were works of art — not just gear used for carrying pistols and revolvers. Mr. Sam Andrews assured me everything he makes is functional, with the benefit of being beautiful to look at as well. I spent so long pawing through all the holsters and talking with Sam I lost track of time and was late getting to my next appointment. While I was walking away I thought to myself, “Handgunner readers need to see this gear.”

After talking with Sam on the phone about gun preference and holster options, I told him it was dealer’s choice on what style and material to use. I was expecting one holster, but what later arrived were three holsters and a belt. About that time my wife came into my office and spotted them on my desk. She said, “Those are beautiful — much too nice for a jarhead like you to beat up.” And I think she’s right.

Saddle Style holster made from tiger shark not only looks great but it will last a lifetime.

The ultimate BBQ rig in Hornback Gator. This is one rig you won’t want to take off.

Plain leather isn’t exotic, but the leather in this shoulder holster is flawless.
Fit and performance of this rig was top-notch.

Off-side double-mag pouch on the shoulder rig.

The Goods

Simple First: The Monarch shoulder rig wasn’t made out of an exotic skin but I will say the leather used was absolutely flawless. The craftsmanship was perfect in every way. My Glock 19 and two spare mags ride comfortably in this rig all day. The lower backstrap keeps the holster and mags in place when leaning forward. This unique feature negates the need for a tie-down attached to the belt. The addition of the backstrap, although simple, greatly enhances confidence you won’t accidentally expose your rig during daily activities.

Tiger Shark: The Saddle Style holster for the Smith & Wesson Shield is a classic open top belt slide holster. The cognac-colored tiger shark skin is a beauty to behold. Don’t let the good looks fool you though. Shark is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials on the planet. I have a pair of 20-year-old sharkskin cowboy boots, and four re-soles later, they look as good as they did the day I bought them. The saddle-style holster holds the Shield very close to the body and fits excellently. The first few draws were stiff, as you might expect, but it has broken in nicely since. For everyday carry, this holster will get the job done and will look great doing it.

The BBQ Rig: The Andrews Wrapid in black Hornback Gator has to be held in your hand to be fully appreciated — pictures really don’t do it justice. The Wrapid uses directional snaps for easy on and off — although I’m guessing once you put this rig on you won’t want to take it off. I had no problem wearing the Wrapid all day with my Les Baer TRS. I kind of wish I was still a cop and I could wear this holster to court and when I slip off my suit coat in the waiting room all the other coppers would be jealous. It’s too bad this holster is designed for carrying concealed. It really should be shown off where appropriate. I’ll just have to wear it to the next BBQ and make my buddies drool some.

Belted In: I’m huge proponent in using a belt designed for supporting a holstered firearm and accessories. If you’ve read this column before you know how hard I push for the use of a proper belt. I’ve been wearing an Andrews belt made from tiger shark daily and it still looks like it did the day it came out of the box. I don’t wear a ton of stuff, but for supporting a full-size gun, spare magazine and my cell phone this belt gets the job done without showing any signs of sagging.

Do you need a custom exotic holster? Probably not, but sometimes it’s not about need, its about wanting something truly unique, like a classic car, boat or motorcycle. If you can’t justify the exotic, have Sam Andrews make you a holster in “plain” leather. There isn’t anything plain about Sam’s work, regardless of the choice of leather, and you won’t be disappointed.
By Sammy Reese

For more info:, (386) 462-0576

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2 thoughts on “Andrews Custom Leather

  1. Buck

    I’ve carried a handgun for almost a half century, many of those years as either a peace officer or the Army. How I wish I’d had Sam Andrews’ holsters and belts in those years!

    I recently received a couple of his holsters and, even though they were two of his less expensive holsters, they are nevertheless beautiful–and highly functional–works of art, made as only a master craftsman can make them.

    One is his McDaniel II IWB holster for a Sig P220. It’s very comfortable to wear all day long, easy to quickly access and, thanks to the reinforced top of the holster, easy to reholster, too.
    I own some expensive holsters made by some of the more famous holster makers, but Sam Andrews makes better holsters for about one third of what the others charge. The McDaniel II is an outstanding example of a perfect holster at a price that will have you wanting to replace all those “Brand X” rigs.

    I think Sam thought I was nuts when I told him what else I wanted: a pocket holster for a S&W Model 629 .44 magnum with a 3″ barrel. We live in a forest that is infested with huge wild hogs, some of them weighing 500 pounds or more and all of them with nasty tempers. Sometimes if I’m taking the dogs for a walk, I prefer to just drop the .44 in my pocket instead of taking the time to holster up with a regular holster.

    Now that’s a pretty hefty piece of artillery to conceal. Except I replaced the factory grips with a set of Secret Service grips, which took about an inch off.

    Second, I usually wear denim jeans by 5.11 and the model I wear have huge front pockets, although their appearance is the same as a regular pair of jeans.

    Most important, though, is the holster Sam crafted for the behemoth revolver. It’s made rough-side out, making it very sticky. It bonds so well with the pocket that you never have to fear grabbing your handgun and having the holster come out with it. And, believe it or not, when I drop my .44 into the pocket holsters, there’s not even a hint that there’s anything at all in my pocket!

    Both holsters were left in their natural color so there’s no worry about dye bleeding from the holster to clothes. Aesthetically I simply prefer the natural color.

    In closing, let me just add that Sam Andrews has gained a repeat buyer and loyal friend. Sam is the consummate conversationalist and it’s real easy to end up talking to Sam for an hour or so, until it finally dawns on you that every minute you tie him up on the phone is a minute he’s not making holsters.

  2. James Wood

    I have used Andrews leather for 15 years. I have 7 holsters and each one is perfection. Sam bar-none makes the best in the business! Jim Wood
    Orlando, FL

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