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One thing about American Handgunner is the fact we’re not afraid to show you some very cool stuff — and yes, price-be-damned at times! This is one of those times. We’re always harping about how important it is to have a stout belt to go with your carry holster, and we mean it. And while there’s plenty of makers who offer sturdy, handsome, rugged belts for holster carry, there’s a much smaller handful who manage the same thing, but use exotic leathers and/or offer an even higher degree of craftsmanship.

Sam Andrews has been designing and crafting hand-made holsters and accessories for over 37 years. He’s a soft-spoken, kind man, with a quick-wit, a twinkle in his eye and a courtesy you don’t often see these days. He asked if I’d like to take a look at a couple of his exotic leather belts and I told him I’d be proud to. Sam sent one in quilled ostrich (think: Ostrich cowboy boots) and one in, of all things, elephant trunk. The ostrich shows great color and texture, and the extra-thick construction makes it a top concealed carry belt.

The other, made of elephant trunk, showed a rugged-looking pebble-grain and, according to Sam, is virtually indestructible. “You almost can’t mark it with a nail!” he said. Since the truck is constantly flexing, the leather shows a grain-detail constantly changing. Also, Sam’s careful dye treatment and final finish work made both belts stunning examples of the leather-crafter’s art. As his website says: “This is wearable art.”

Sam’s work is 100-percent custom, and while his website has dozens of examples of his talents, he reminded me, “I can create just about anything a customer might imagine, so if they don’t see it, all they have to do is simply ask me about what they might want. I can likely accommodate their dream project!”

The belts we looked at start at around $300 and go up from there depending on leather type and customer wishes. They are still value-priced if you consider the fact they’ll likely last decades! For more info:, (386) 462-0576
By Roy Huntington

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4 thoughts on “Andrews Custom Leather

  1. Charles Gibson

    Dag gum Roy. I could almost buy a new gun for what one of them there purty belts cost! Seriously, thanks for exposing me to one of the finer things in life, and I really enjoy the magazine. Have for years.

  2. Michael Christenbury

    I have used one of his iwb holsters fore more than twenty years and not only is it still in excellent shape but it is still one of my favorite holsters.

  3. kim walter

    Dear Sirs:
    I was informed you have made either a shoulder rig or drop leg tactical holster for the Super Shorty Shotgun could you advice with price and lead time.

  4. chris

    I have one of Sam Andrews leather belts that I bought approximately 22 years ago from him. I have worn this belt almost every day for the last 22 years and I feel it’s time to finally retire it.

    I would dearly love a contact email for Sam so that I can send him photos of the belt and request two new ones to replace it, one in brown and one in black.

    Kind regards,


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