Ankle Rig Realities

I remember it like it was yesterday. The jackrabbit-quick driver of the stolen SUV bailed out and took off so fast I was sure he would lose us. That’s when I heard it — the sickening sound of metal sliding across asphalt. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, until I heard cussing followed by yelling: “That was my ankle gun.” Lucky for us, Mr. Car thief was a sprinter and not a long distance runner. He pooped out before he made it across the parking lot. The left side of the once-perfectly shiny Smith and Wesson Bodyguard was now… well, a lot less shiny, and the veteran cop was red faced.

I wish I could say this was the only time I had heard of an ankle gun leaving its holster, but it’s not. I remember the sick look on another cop’s face as we retraced his steps in a foot pursuit looking for his, which ended up in the bushes. Luckily, the K9 working that night was a great tracker and found the gun.

While you may not be a cop, you still might find yourself running to catch a bus, or after a kid who’s about to dash into the street in front of a car. In a fight on the ground? You don’t need to be losing your ankle gun then. The moral of the story here is use a quality holster and if it wears out — buy a new one.

Ankle holsters aren’t for everyone. Our very own Mike Venturino says he can wear one as long as he takes a stool with him everywhere he goes, so he can put his foot up in order to draw and re-holster the pistol. Body type and physical ability means this holster isn’t for everyone. Mike knows his limitations and sticks with modes of carry that work for him.

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One thought on “Ankle Rig Realities

  1. John Pereira

    Best ankle holster for me is a Galco sheep wool lined ankle holster.
    I use it for my Kahr PM40. When I installed crimson trace I had my shoemaker modify the ankle holster with an piece of expandable elastic. It works great now! Use it everyday, the gun is secure, and I can wear it 14 hours a day!

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