AR Magvault

I have to tell you this sure beats padlocks, chain, braided cable and bailing wire if you need to secure your AR. Operation is simple; you just insert the MagVault into the mag well like you would a regular magazine. It locks in, and then you turn the key. Presto … you can’t get a magazine into the gun, and it protrudes far enough into the chamber area to preclude single-round chambering. If you want it out, you simply unlock it and press the mag release. This is darn simple and so easy to do.

Built by GunVault, the same company who builds those very cool biometric gun lock boxes, the AR MagVault is bright orange so you can’t mistake it’s there, is well-made, and at only about $24.95 it’s also easy on the wallet. It’s made from glass-reinforced nylon so is well into the “virtually indestructible” category. Also if you’re a cop, it’s a great way to secure your rifle in the trunk if you’re stowing it non-operationally or if you keep it at home, not in a locked case or safe — and ditto for homeowners. If you’re uneasy leaving a rifle “out” for defense or some level of security, the AR MagVault is fairly easy to remove. If you kept a loaded mag nearby, you can get things up and running pretty fast, but I’d say practice regularly and you’ll have to figure out where to keep your key handy.

On the range, you could use the MagVault to secure and make-safe your AR on the line, and that blaze orange color shows everyone your rifle is unloaded, open and safe from prying fingers. I can easily see this as an issue item for police departments, and for that price, well within reach of anyone who owns an AR-type rifle. Nicely done, if you ask me. For more info:

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