Are Your Guns Off The Grid?

You are SO on the grid. Everyone is. Everything is, except guns — so far. So what’s the grid? It’s the electrical web connecting us all, allowing for complete control of everything, from one central command, by whoever’s in charge. We’ve wired the entire surface of Earth, and tag! You’re in.

If you’re reading this on Handgunner’s website, I rest my case. If you’re holding the paper magazine, in a cave, and the postman didn’t deliver it, maybe you’re an outlier. But you get my point.

You have a cell phone or a landline. You swipe a credit card for groceries and gas. If you ever stay in a hotel, shop online, fly or have a bank account, you’re in. You could try to spend a single day off grid. It’s virtually impossible unless you head to the woods (and carry supplies you got on grid). You are tied on tight. We all are.

Except … for guns. Guns are decidedly off the grid. Millions of them were built before the feds even invented gun control paperwork. And these firearms remain solidly in American homes.

Millions were built before computers. All the guns people bought and sold from each other remain private property, keeping them way off the grid. This palladium of liberty, the linchpin of freedom, is uniquely outside organized grasp, because it’s inherently and pragmatically off the grid — just like your handwritten inventory.

Now this makes the political left, the gun haters, gun-o-phobes (hoplophobes is the correct term) and “commie-statist-fascist-jackbooted thugocracies” nervous — because it means they lack control. Remember, gun control is not about guns. It’s about control. And control these days is all about digitizing. The digitizing of everything lies at the root of the government’s increasing ability to exert control over every facet of your life.

The freedom firearms have from the grid is desirable, if freedom is desirable. In the same way, guns have been at the root of liberty since the nation was born. The distance between our guns and government is a key to why America remains the freest nation on Earth. The grid threatens this distance.

The core value of the Second Amendment works best when it pivots without friction. Digitizing guns, keeping records of guns, knowing who has what guns adds grinding, screeching friction. Putting everyone’s guns on the grid grinds freedom to a halt.

Here They Come

Waving a flag sewn from clothes of young dead children, government agents and their allies are attempting to put guns on the grid, with procedures, paperwork and bureaucracy, in the false name of safety. One name they have for it is, “Universal Background Checks.” It has a safe and reasonable ring. The call for voluntary enslavement must also have a nice ring or no one would fall for it. Universal background check is a code phrase for universal gun registration. Some politicians and useful idiots pressing for it don’t know they haven’t thought it through. The Manchin-Toomey bill had so much supposed support (90 percent!) but failed to pass had registration built right in on page 27.

The bill was called registration “Prohibition of National Gun Registry”! It left every agency and every person in government, except for the Attorney General, free to collect virtually any data about gun owners.

This is how they do things:

So what’s wrong with registration?

How does writing my name, or your name, in an FBI book help stop crime? Giving government the name of every gun owner and what they own only tracks the innocent, and does nothing to reduce crime. The people organizing this charade know it.

In fact, it’s illegal to list the criminals! The Fifth Amendment forbids requiring a criminal to register a gun he can’t have — this only applies for people who’ve done nothing wrong. If you could add crooks, heck, you could just arrest them and be done with it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The promoters know it too.

If it’s background checks they want, BIDS (Blind Identification Database System) will do it for one-tenth the cost of NICS (the current system) and with no possibility of compiling a list of gun owners.

With NICS, you must send your name and address to the FBI, who swears they don’t record it. They use a recording device to run their system. You can’t audit them. “Trust us,” they say. The whole thing is statist, “We’re the boss, submit to us, you’re not free.”

With BIDS, the FBI sends the prohibited-possessor list (people outlawed by 18 USC §922d), to the licensees who sell guns. It’s the same concept as Wanted Posters. Your dealer is able to look you up instead of having the FBI do it. The FBI maintains the list for us, like they’re servants … leaving us in charge. A dealer’s obligation to look you up remains the same as to call the FBI when you walk in. There’s more to it but here’s the gist. Take a look: BIDS is cheaper, works great and your guns stay grid-free.

Alan Korwin’s 14th book is designed to help bring your gunless friends and relatives from their fears and into the ranks of gun ownership. Take a look at Your First Gun and help preserve our right to arms. Alan invites you to write him or see his work at

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