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For nearly three decades, the Ayoob Files have provided American Handgunner readers a look inside the scenarios and reactions of individuals involved in deadly confrontation.

Renowned author, trainer and expert witness Massad Ayoob has examined and shared detailed information from hundreds of incidents since 1985. The lessons learned make an invaluable resource for anybody interested in self-defense.

Now you can add the entire collection to your digital reference library in conveniently assembled two-year sets of downloadable .pdf files. Purchase and immediately download any of the 13 sets of Ayoob Files for just $5 each or the entire 27-year collection for $35.

Follow the links below to view the contents and order any of the Ayoob Files Digital Collections:

Ayoob Files Full Digital Collection 1985-2011

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Ayoob Files 1992-1993

Ayoob Files 1994-1995

Ayoob Files 1996-1997

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17 thoughts on “Ayoob Files Archive

  1. Richard Purdes

    I would buy them (Ayoob Files)all, but not in a digital format. Any chance of buying printed ccopies?

  2. Stan Walker

    I’m with Richard (above). Would love to see this in a book form. I will buy the digital format, but would love a book. Bought a subscription for my Dad to the mag and he looks forward to Ayoob Files each issue, as do I.
    Met Mas at the NRA in St Louis. What he thought of some big goof yelling “MAS” a couple aisle away, you could just imagine. Anyway, he was very pleasant and polite and we spoke for a moment or two.
    Anyway, a book would be good because I could share it with my Dad.

  3. Marshall

    I agree with the other guys, would like to have a book or magazine that I could give my son and son in law. Let us know if this is being considered. Thanks. Really enjoy the mag.


  4. Ray S

    Same here – this is reference material I’d like to have available where every I am. Digital format just doesn’t work – even at that bargain price.

  5. Gerald Steinberg

    Down loaded, but not happy. Prefer a book. They’re still the best way to read.

  6. Frank Birdsong

    Book format, Please!!! Please!!! Please!!!

    Also, would you please tell us whether you are planning or at least considering publishing the “Files” in book format?

    I’m willing to purchase the book, even though I’m buying the digital version now.


  7. Kenneth Harris

    I have just finished reading Massad’s article on the Zimmerman trial. It is just too bad that the news media did not come anywhere near doing the reporting job that is in this piece. I have been reading Mr. Ayoob’s Cop Talk column for years, but this is one of the best he has ever written. I am not a writer, I wish I were so I could go into more detail in how I feel about this column. All I can say is GREAT JOB. Keep up the great work. It is writing like this that keeps me renewing my subscriptions. This is the first time I have ever written to a Magazine, but it will not be the last.

  8. James N Burkhalter

    If you get them printed in a book, I’ll be first in line. I love to read, but not on my computer screen. Besides I can share with two of my grandsons who are cops. Let me know when you get these printed in a book.

  9. Moving Target

    I am hoping my wife will get this for me for Xmas. If not, I’ll be buying it, my own self. Digital format is fine with me.

  10. Jai Per

    Just finished reading “the False Hope of Gun
    free Zones”. (Mar/Apr,’15). This great article refers to previous
    cases of armed individuals stopping the perpetrator
    as being described in the Ayoob files. Is there a publication
    containing all these incidents, or must they be dissected from the annals of the files? I would certainly buy a compilation of these incidents to send to the many anti-gunners I come across.
    Is there any way to bring that to fruition?

  11. Dennis

    I’m with all the others Re: printed version of Ayoob Files Collection, especially Don:Where’s the Beef?! (er, book… ;>D)

  12. mitch

    everybody saying that they should make a book there already is one its called the ayoob files. Its was published in the 90s tho so its not current.

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