Barack Obama’s True ‘Legacy’ Revealed: Burgeoning Gun Sales!

By Dave Workman

While he has been president, Barack Obama just couldn’t seem to advance his gun control agenda, which he referred to in an “exit memo” as “gun safety.”

Adding insult to injury, according to FBI data, Obama’s time in office has seen the number of background checks nearly double, which means instead of discouraging gun ownership, he helped make it explode. While he wanted to create a legacy, being referred to as the “greatest gun salesman in history” probably isn’t what he had in mind.

During his last full month in office, the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reported 2,771,159 NICS checks initiated, the third-highest number for that month since background checks became law in the fall of 1998, during the Clinton administration. That number was eclipsed by the 3,314,594 checks done in December 2015, and 2,783,765 checks done in December 2012.

Those two months are important. December 2015 came as Americans were alarmed if not frightened by the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. Back in 2012, Americans were alarmed that Obama had just won re-election and the gun prohibition lobby moved quickly in an effort to exploit the Sandy Hook tragedy.

According to a transcript from the White House, the president’s memo says this: “And for all that we’ve achieved, there’s still so much I wish we’d been able to do, from enacting gun safety measures to protect more of our kids and our cops from mass shootings like Newtown…”

The National Shooting Sports Foundation provided Insider Online with its adjusted NICS figure of 1,845,847, which is not a direct correlation to firearms sales, but it does provide a perspective that may be closer to the number of actual transactions.

This went on for the past eight years. In 2009, Obama’s first year in office, NICS reported 14,033,824 background checks. The final number for 2016 was 27,538,673. Face it, while other American businesses may have been struggling through the Obama tenure, the firearms industry was (no pun intended) booming. NICS data shows that during Obama’s two terms in office, the FBI conducted a total of 157,233,157 background checks.

Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, told the Washington Free Beacon, “There is no doubt that President Obama’s anti-gun rights agenda really backfired. All he accomplished was to set new records for firearm sales. He fueled the opposite of what the gun prohibition lobby wanted him to achieve. And I don’t think they learned anything from it.”

A lot of NICS checks are associated with concealed carry license applications and renewals. There’s another dose of salt in Obama’s political wound. Back when he was an Illinois state senator, he was not in favor of concealed carry. During his time in office, the number of active permits and licenses across the nation rose to more than 15 million, and it’s still going up.

December’s NICS check figure may suggest a slowdown in gun buying, possibly because Hillary Clinton lost, Donald Trump won and Republicans control Congress. That, too, was obviously not the kind of exit Obama had in mind.

Colt Cobra Is Back, And Better

People who have wondered if Colt was ever going to be back in the revolver business have their answer.

Right after the holidays, Colt announced that it was reintroducing the compact Cobra model, a snubby chambered for .38 Special. This new incarnation should get rave reviews because it’s a step up the evolutionary ladder from the original model.

The new Cobra, according to Colt Marketing Manager Maxwell Zeigler, is all stainless steel, with a 2-inch barrel cut with six lands and grooves on a 1:14-inch left hand twist. The barrel is topped with a fiber optic front sight and the rear sight is a traditional notch in the top of the frame. It will handle +P ammunition, has an overmolded Hogue grip, six-round capacity and a matte finish. The ejector rod is fully shrouded by the barrel, and the trigger sits slightly further back, allowing more room for the trigger finger.

This rugged double-action revolver comes with a cable lock. It weighs 25 ounces empty and will be ideal for concealed carry. It carries an MSRP of $699.


‘Knife Owners’ Protection Act’ Introduced

Anyone who carries a gun usually has a knife, and now there is a piece of legislation before Congress to protect people from sometimes contradictory and frequently confusing knife laws.

Called the Knife Owners’ Protection Act of 2017, the legislation was originally crafted by the Knife Rights organization back in 2010, and introduced for the first time three years ago. Now with the new Congress sworn in, the new incarnation was introduced by Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs.

The folks at Knife Rights have long maintained that the Second Amendment applies to tools other than firearms. It’s the right to bear arms, not just guns.

Knife Rights founder Doug Ritter has pushed for common sense knife laws since the organization launched several years ago. He believes this legislation is necessary to remove restrictions on “switchblade” knives that cause problems for people who carry something other than a true switchblade.

He’s had some success, too. Knife Rights has managed to get repeals of switchblade bans in 11 states during the past seven years, according to a press release recently published by The Outdoor Wire.

Ritter is traditionally one of the speakers at the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, where reminding Second Amendment activists about knife rights is typically an eye opener for the audience.

Bet They Never Saw This Coming

When two would-be robbers strolled into a shop in Chicago’s West Side Austin neighborhood on Jan. 4 to pull a stick-up, they probably figured on an easy post-holiday score.

Instead, both of them ended up on the wrong end of one of their own guns, and in two different hospitals. One robber was shot in the torso and the other hit in the “upper leg” and it must have been a pretty nasty wound. Both men were reported in critical condition, and weren’t identified by either the Chicago Sun-Times or Chicago Tribune, pending a full police investigation.

This duo was not a couple of teens looking for quick money. One of the bad guys is 34 and the other is 35. When they demanded money, the store clerk grabbed the gun right out of one man’s hand and shot them.

One of the pair went to Loyola University Medical Center. The other was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. They’ll be back together behind bars.

To keep things in perspective, the Tribune noted that the robbery suspects were just two of the 13 people shot on the same day during a 12-hour period.

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