Base Pin Puller

Eddie Janis of Peacemaker Specialists is one of the top Colt single action pistolsmiths in the world. His action jobs are legendary and his restorations and creations have been featured in Handgunner’s pages several times. An important side of Peacemaker Specialists is Eddie’s parts business, and his growing custom tool line. Since he’s someone who literally works with Colt single actions every day, he’s well aware of the idiosyncrasies of the breed and has developed some special tools, stone sets and accessories to help gunsmiths and owners.

According to Eddie, the more tightly a Colt locks into battery, the more difficult it can be to get the base pin out. Also, burrs or fouling can hinder removal too. In order to reduce the chance of messing up your Colt’s finish, and to make the sometimes — shall we say “challenging” — job of taking out the cylinder base pin, Eddie has developed the Base Pin Puller. Since simple is always best, Eddie designed an elegantly simple tool. Made of high-quality tool steel, specially designed and ground to properly fit the turned-groove on a Colt cylinder base pin, the tool handle is then dipped into plastic to help prevent marring your gun’s finish.

It’s simple to use too. Clear the gun, leave it on half-cock so the cylinder can turn a bit if needed, then slip the tool into the larger groove. Depress the base pin plunger (or remove the base pin screw on older models) and gently “pry” out the pin. Presto! It’s fast, easy, and if you keep your wits about you, doesn’t hurt a thing. It sure beats a pair of pliers and a piece of leather wrapped around the pin, or a “sorta’ bent” screwdriver doing the prying — both methods sure to leave their calling signs! At around $39.95, it’s one tool you should definitely own if you take your single actions apart. For more info:, (805) 238-9100
By Roy Huntington

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