Beer Budget 1911s

Lots Of Fun For $500!

Reader Steven Dimino asked we take a look at some of the lower-priced 1911s out there. Easier said than done! We put this together at the end of the giant gun buying frenzy not long ago, so it was like asking for blood out of that proverbial turnip from some of the makers. We did the best we could, but if we de-included your favorite, we’ll try again later now that the pipeline is filling up nicely.

I really appreciate highly customized 1911s just like anyone else does; however, like most folks I’m on a budget, and more often than not, my budget is a beer budget — not a champagne one. I like to get more for my money when I’m out gun shopping, as do most folks. Honestly, though, I was really impressed with all these “economy” 1911s we tested. All were plenty accurate, with most groups in the 4″ range at 25 yards. Best of all, are the prices. Most of the guns sell for around $525 in my neck of the woods, with the exception of the Rock Island Armory that goes for slightly under $400. I’d take any one of them, tuck it in a holster and carry it for self-defense, without ever looking back. Here’s what we learned.

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2 thoughts on “Beer Budget 1911s

  1. Stallard

    I liked this article but feel omitting the Taurus PT1911 series of pistols left the reader uninformed about a great 1911 pistol, that also happens to be a great buy!

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