2 thoughts on “Behind The Byline: Will Dabbs

  1. Alemaster

    Dr. Dabbs’ article is the first I turn to with each issue. I enjoy his writings, knowledge, and story telling, but also feel some “kinship” of background as I had the privilege of wearing the wings of a Master Army Aviator for over ten years (Dr. Dabbs will know that meant more than 25 years as an army aviator). I knew Dabbs had been a ‘Hook driver (we can’t hold that against him) and now find that we treaded some of the same ground at Ladd AAF in Fairbanks, AK at different times. Keep up your fine work Dr. Dabbs and I’ll keep reading. And, thank you for your service to our nation. regards, “Alemaster”

  2. Rob Kirkland

    I have always enjoyed Dr. Dabbs articles. They are informative, funny and easy reading. He doesn’t write formatically, which is all too common these days. I view American Handgunner/ Guns as the pinnacle in “gun literature” and Dr. Dabbs deserves to there.

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