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The late Jeff Cooper used the term “sport pistol” for a useful class of handguns. A sport pistol is a .22 — more than a pocket pistol, but not quite a target pistol. Although it may share the same frame size as a full-house target pistol, the sport pistol is lighter, handier and less expensive. The trigger pull and sights may not be as refined though, and sometimes the finish is a bit more utilitarian.

The sport pistol is a practical tool. It’s one you can use for informal target shooting, small-game hunting, casual plinking with family and friends, serious marksmanship training and introducing new shooters to handguns. It’s handy to pack along while camping, fishing, hiking or on hunting trips.

The sport pistol is almost uniquely American, and I have a few personal favorites of the breed. They’re mostly older guns since I’m mostly an older person, but there are fine sport pistols presently manufactured, as well.

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