Big Bullet Baloney

Some of the first heavyweight bullets for both the .44 Magnum and .45 Colt came from J.D. Jones and SSK Industries. He designed a 320-gr. flat point/truncated cone for the former and a 340-gr. for the latter. For his .454 Casull, Dick Casull came up with a 300-gr. flat-nosed gas check which was catalogued by Lyman as #454627; it also makes an excellent .45 Colt bullet. NEI contributed two excellent .45 Colt bullets Keith-style, #451.310 and #454.325 with the latter numbers giving the approximate weight. NEI also came up with my favorite heavyweight .44 Magnum bullet, a 290 Keith style gas check #429.295.

For the .45 Colt, Dave Scovill designed the RCBS #45-270 which from my wheel weight alloy weigh out at 280 grains. At 930 fps from a 71/2″ .45 Colt SAA, at least until another woolly mammoth is sighted in Idaho, it will handle anything I would expect a Colt Single Action to attempt.

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