Billionaire-Backed Gun Control Group Spending Big Bucks For Midterms

By Dave Workman

When government doesn’t knuckle under to the demands of billionaire-backed gun prohibition groups, they swing into action with boatloads of cash to buy elections.

That, at least, certainly seems to be what is happening as the Washington Post recently reported that the political action arm of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety will spend between $8 and $10 million, supporting candidates in four key states. Surprise of surprises, they are all Democrats.

Races in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and New Mexico will be getting an infusion of cash. The roster includes Democrat Steve Sisolak, who is running for the governor’s office in Nevada against Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt. The AG’s sin was in refusing to enforce a gun control initiative that narrowly passed in the Silver State, because the language made it unenforceable.

In Georgia, the Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund is backing Democrat Stacey Yvonne Abrams, a gun control supporter. She wants to repeal campus carry and mandate so-called “universal background checks.”

Down in New Mexico, the Washington Post reported, the Everytown fund supports Michelle Lujan Grisham for governor. If elected, she promises to push for a statewide ban on “semiautomatic assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines. She wants to strengthen background checks by mandating them for private transfers, and require “registered firearms owners” to report loss or theft of firearms to law enforcement.

Up in Michigan, the recipients of Everytown money reportedly are Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer and Democrat Dana Nessel for attorney general.

Anti-gunners benefit from being labeled “gun safety” advocates, when that’s not accurate. Gun control is not gun safety, even when it includes “safe storage” because the direction these groups want to take the country is toward registration of guns, and disqualifying as many citizens as possible from being able to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Under the initiative in Washington State, this Ruger 10/22 would be classified as a “semiautomatic assault rifle.”

Then there’s that sweeping gun control initiative on the Washington State ballot. Initiative 1639 is being pushed by the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility, with the “Safe Schools/Safe Communities” group officially pushing the measure. It would raise the age limit for purchasing semi-auto rifles to 21, require annual background checks on “assault rifle” owners, classify all semi-auto rifles as “semiautomatic assault rifles” (including the Ruger 10/22, Marlin Model 60 and others), and a waiver of medical privacy when buying handguns or “assault rifles.”

Insider Online gleaned from an email blast why every gun owner in the country—especially those living in states with the initiative process—better pay attention, and maybe help the resistance. In an email fund raiser, the Safe Schools/Safe Communities group admitted, “It (I-1639) will…provide a blueprint that other states can emulate.”

Don’t be like too many other gun owners. If you’re not registered to vote, register in time to vote in November. Arguing that you don’t want your “name on a list” won’t wash, because unless you live in a cave and have no bills or bank accounts, your name is “on a list.”

Nevada Prof. Shoots Self Over Trump, Or Did He?

There seems to be some question about what motivated a sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada to bring a small-caliber pistol on campus, in violation of the law and campus policies, to shoot himself in the arm.

While various published reports say that self-wounded Prof. Mark J. Bird told students and responding police that he plugged himself in a restroom to protest President Donald Trump, an online publication called Blue Lives Matter said there may be another reason, which may be equally strange.

In a note, the story said, Bird apparently suggested that he fired the shot to protest malnutrition and the fact that Congress hadn’t acted to ban bump stocks and semiautomatic rifles in reaction to the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017 that claimed 58 lives. Another version says he was protesting to get a ban on AR15 rifles.

Adding to the strangeness, Bird apparently had brought rubber bands along to use as a tourniquet. He also taped a $100 bill to the restroom mirror to pay for cleaning up the mess.

The handgun was tentatively identified as a .22-caliber two-shot derringer.

Initial reports said Bird told a responding officer that he was upset with the way Trump is running the country. He also said he was trying to promote tougher gun laws, but breaking existing laws may not be the smartest way to accomplish that.

Bird is reportedly facing multiple criminal charges.

Rossi Issues Safety Warning

Rossi has issued a voluntary safety warning on its .38 Special and .357 Magnum revolvers made between 2005 and 2017 because of a possible condition that, according to the warning, “could cause, under certain circumstances, the revolver to fire if dropped.”

This warning reportedly applies to revolver models R351, R352, R461, R462, R851, R971, and R972 with serial numbers beginning with the letters Y, Z, or A through K.

If you have one of these revolvers, Rossi advises to stop using it immediately and log into Enter the serial number and read the instructions. Or, you can call 855-982-8787.

BB Gun No Match For Real One In Georgia Waffle House

A would-be armed robber picked the wrong weapon for an alleged attempted robbery at a Waffle House restaurant in Georgia, and he won’t be making that mistake again.

He’s dead.

According to the Miami Herald and Atlanta Journal Constitution, when he entered the Waffle House in Villa Rica, a community about 30 miles west of Atlanta, the suspect was armed with a BB gun. He allegedly aimed the gun at restaurant employees, and that’s when breakfast was put on hold forever.

A legally-armed customer who was dining at the time drew his real gun and fired. That brought the attempted crime to an abrupt and noisy halt, with the would-be robber dropping his look-alike fake gun and fleeing in a car. Investigating police discovered the robber’s gun was only a BB pistol.

A few hours later, the man identified as 28-year-old Adrian Wordlow was found dead in Carrollton, about 20 miles from the scene of the crime. He had suffered a gunshot wound, and the Atlanta newspaper said the armed customer likely will not face charges.

According to the Miami Herald, Waffle House has a no-guns policy except for law enforcement, including security guards. That obviously did not deter a would-be armed robber, and it’s not the first time.

The Miami Herald report noted a 2015 incident at a Waffle House in South Carolina ended with a dead would-be robber when an armed off-duty security guard parked outside shot him when he emerged from the restaurant. In that case, the suspect was a 19-year-old.–law/cops-waffle-house-customer-likely-won-face-charges-for-shooting-robber/sJTagKS8iIxPckEBl63mYO/

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