Blumagnum Grips

Go ahead and look. I did when I first opened the box. Simply beautiful. From BluMagnum, these N-frame fancy walnut grips are custom made, can be tailored and fitted to your gun and your hand and are available in several grades. BluMagnum also offers birdseye maple, micarta, ivory and many other exotic woods. They can fit grips (including 1-piece models) to single actions, and offer fits for S&W J-, K-, L-, N- and X frames.

The N-frame grip pictured can be had in several styles, offering slightly different feels. Their single action models also offer different contours, with the Taffin Model being thinner than stock grips on single actions. John likes a firm grip, and the thinner build does just that for you. They also have a wrap-around model filling the area behind the triggerguard. They are perfect for bigger calibers and harder recoiling single actions.

A really fun offering is the classic Coke Bottle model, styled after the original ones first offered by S&W for the big N-frames. On their website, they also have a good product image page where you see various styles. The standard finish on the walnut and maple is Danish oil. After the oil dries they cover it with three coats of semi-gloss lacquer. Oily exotic woods are finished with semi-gloss lacquer only.

If you have a single action or S&W you’re proud of, why not treat yourself and your favorite handgun to something special like a set of custom grips. BluMagnum’s work is among the very best available, and the fact they’ll fit them to your hands only sweetens the deal. They cost around $175, to upwards of $320 or so, depending on style and wood. They want you to call them to get current pricing on ivory models. For more info:, (719) 632-2780
By Roy Huntington

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