Boutiques Vs. Godzillas

For years, the big ammunition companies (Godzillas) have pretty much had their way, filling the majority of the ammunition needs for the public and law enforcement. In times of war, the Godzillas also step up and provide large amounts of their products when we need it most. They make a lot of ammo, even in peace-time, and it’s good ammo.

The “midsized” ammunition companies have filled a vacuum and made significant improvements in ammunition, while making inroads into the marketplace. They are not burdened with monster-company “expert committees” to get anything new or innovative accomplished — they simply do it! They design and test new products, and they often press the limits of performance in both velocity and construction. While not always the cheapest, you nonetheless definitely get what you pay for. Good ammunition can be pricey at times.

A great example of this middle-ground ammunition group is Black Hills, with Jeff and Kristi Hoffman at the helm. Black Hills produces many millions of rounds of ammunition for all applications. Some of my favorite stuff is the Black Hills .308 ammunition for my bolt gun, as well as the 77-gr. .223 load I use for precision work out of a Noveske N4 rifle. These middle companies are some of my favorite ammo people because of just that — they are people, not a committee. These people have grown well in the last decade because of their hard work and good products. I’d rank Cor-Bon in the same category.

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One thought on “Boutiques Vs. Godzillas

  1. Jay

    Elite Ammunition is another Boutique manufacture. We primarily specialize in 5.7×28 but also due custom to ORDER rifle rounds. Meaning if you want to use a particular bullet not offered commercially in your caliber we will load it up for you, single stage, bench quality.

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