Bowen Classic Arms Quarter-Bore

.25-20/.256 In One!

It’s been my good fortune to know the greatest custom sixgunsmiths who have ever lived, simply because they are alive and well and practicing their craft now. For the past three decades I’ve been accumulating examples of the creative genius of these gentlemen, and my relatively short list numbers more than a Baker’s Dozen. At the top of anyone’s list we must find the name of Hamilton Bowen. He may share top billing with a few others, however there are none any better. Hamilton goes way beyond the title of custom sixgunsmith. Not only is he extremely talented when it comes to metalworking, he also has great imagination and artistic talent.

Over the past three decades, Hamilton Bowen’s shop has built some of biggest and baddest sixguns imaginable. But his heart, his true sixgunning heart, is with the more pleasant shooting sixguns. I know, over the years, he’s been especially appreciative of the old .32-20, and in recent years has built some very fine examples of custom sixguns chambered in the relatively new .327 Federal Magnum.

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