Buffalog Bore Flat .44s

If you have done any target shooting with .38s, you’ve probably shot .38 Special 148-gr. wadcutter target loads. During my days as a PPC shooter, I used to enjoy going jack rabbit hunting with my 6″ S&W Model 19. Since we hit a tiny bull’s-eye at 50 yards during the matches, a sitting jack at 50 yards was usually mine. The thing that struck me was the hard “thwack” when that bullet hit — and it dumped ’em where they sat. I tried more conventional .38 loads, but none seemed to have that instant effect. In fact, many people carry .38 wadcutters for self-defense, and I can’t argue with ’em too much.

Called Anti-Personnel loads, this latest offering from Buffalo Bore builds on the wadcutter concept, and is designed to “… permanently and quickly disable human threats.” Tim Sundles, of Buffalo Bore, rates the 200-gr. full wadcutter .44 Magnum at around 1,215 fps from a 4″ barrel S&W. That mirrored my own results here in my backyard, and I noticed recoil is easily manageable. I can see how this bullet, in this caliber at these velocities could be devastating to just about anything. Tim said it will give 24″ of straight line penetration in animal tissue. No doubt.

The .44 Special version using the same bullet shows 970 fps from the same S&W. I have a Charter Bulldog .44 Special I cut down to about 17/8″ a long time ago. I chronographed the .44 Special in it just for fun, and averaged 870 fps! Regular 246-gr. factory loads deliver 540 fps from the same gun, giving you a reference. Recoil is stout, but I doubt I’d notice it if I was distracted by events, as it were. If you have .44s you like, this may be the single most useful load you could carry, regardless of the situation. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/buffalo-bore

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