Bullet Blossoms

Roy Huntington

Scott McGeough is a shooter. He’s also a former naval officer, current merchant marine officer and volunteer fire fighter — and he makes these swell Bullet Blossoms. Scott uses honest to gosh 230-grain .45 ACP and 124-grain 9mm Federal Hydra-Shok bullets which he fires himself. Scott said it took him a while, but he figured out he could use a 40-gallon water tank from Tractor Supply to “catch” the bullets. The water makes them expand nearly perfectly every time, but he still sorts them out, only using the very best shapes.

Aside from the fact it doesn’t take much imagination to see a flower in each one, Scott enhances every one, adding some personal attention to smooth edges, and generally make them wearable. He also puts small precious stones in some designs. Initially coming out with simple but effective paracord models in anklets, necklaces and bracelets, he’s expanded these days offering tie tacks, zipper pulls and is close to having a nice precious metal chain as an option. Oh, he’s just added 9mm rings and .380 ACP earrings too! Scott gives a 20 percent discount to military, fire fighters, paramedics and police and donates a portion of every sale to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Designs start at only $20, but if you get your purchase up to $40 it ships for free — so don’t be a cheapskate! Get your own by calling (423) 802-3503 or shop online and if you’re a luddite with no internet get some 12-year old kid to do it for you: www.bulletblossomcreations.com.

Our own Shari LeGate, video guru extraordinaire, did a fun video on Bullet Blossoms and you can see Scott do some Bullet Blossom shooting! Find it and Tank Hoover’s take on it all here on our home page: www.americanhandgunner.com/exclusive-bullet-blossoms

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