Butt Carry?

Yeah, he was right, he needs a knock on the head, so here it comes. In his column a short time ago (Shooting Iron, Jan/Feb 2011) the “Duke” shows his writership-self shoving a revolver in and outta’ his butt pocket. I know that baby brother has had some health issues as of late but that said he can still do better, and I taught him better. So before one of you readers look at that “butt pocket” thing and jump off the bridge because he did, I thought to bring you all a dose of reality and throw in a couple of extra thoughts.

Plus: Elements Of Concealed Carry • What’s The Big Deal? • Then Answer

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One thought on “Butt Carry?

  1. Allan West

    Thanks for writing about the need to use a holster every time, even in your pocket. Being smart while carrying concealed must start with carrying safely.
    My backup pistol is a .22 caliber Beretta, which I carry in my cargo pants. I’m fortunate to have an excellent gun leather maker nearby, Sam Andrews of Andrews Custom Leather:
    I bought a standard pocket holster from him, and together we designed a rectangular holster insert for my cargo pocket so the pistol and a spare magazine are accessible, and upright. I put up pictures on my we site:
    Sam makes everything from every day carry holsters to fancy cowboy rigs. My SASS shooting friends wear his leather, as do most of my friends who carry concealed.
    I thought this would be a good time to say thanks for your wisdom on concealed carry, and let you know about a great leather smith.
    Thanks, Allan West

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