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The expression “oldie but goodie” fits great when you are talking about a Stradivarius violin or mint-condition ’57 Chevy. I’ve even tried to use it when my wife is trying to put my favorite Red Sox t-shirt in her ragbag. I know it has more holes than the US/Mexican border fence, but in my mind it’s still a classic.

Let’s apply the oldie/goodie to guns and gear. Just how long our stuff will last, or its service life, all depends on how hard the gear is used and how well it’s maintained. As an example, my Les Bear Thunder Ranch Special 1911 has been used so much it’s already been rebuilt once by Les. By comparison, I have another similar pistol with a fraction of the rounds through it and it’s safe to say. It won’t need a rebuild any time soon. Even though one is a daily carry gun and the other a not-as-often gun, I still maintain both to keep them in top-working order.

When my dad passed away, I had the notion I was going to carry his Series 70 Colt. I sent the gun to Jason Burton from Heirloom Precision for some attention. Jason called me an hour after the gun arrived and hit me the bad news. The gun was catastrophically cracked, and there was no way to fix it. No matter how much I wanted to carry Pop’s gun, it wasn’t going to happen — instead it would spend its life as a safe queen. My point is, our gear, even if well maintained, isn’t going to last forever, so plan accordingly.

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One thought on “Carring Junk?

  1. Don Haines

    While I agree that nothing lasts forever, I also feel that “They just don’t make ’em like they use to”. Case in point. I carried a Model 59 S&W on duty. I now carry a S&W 469. Both are reliable pistols. I have a preference for hammer fired large magazine capacity guns. Sadly, S&W does not make such as gun anymore. I have no desire to carry any version of a 1911. Should I need another 9mm, I will have to switch brands. I know there are numerous other brands that will meet my needs (Sig,H&K,etc), but I’m still a bit partial to U.S. made S&W.

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