Carry By Retired Cops

Shortly before this past Christmas, two incidents involving retired peace officers made the news. Both experienced violent home invasions. Box score: retired cops 2, home invaders 0. WWII vet Jay Leone was long retired from his post-war career as a deputy sheriff in California when a man on parole after convictions for multiple home invasions decided to return to his old ways. Unfortunately for him, he suffered what I’ve come to call a sudden and acute failure of the victim selection process. He broke into the old cop’s home with a gun. The retired warrior was 90 years old, but he hadn’t forgotten how to fight. Wounded in the face by the perpetrator’s first shot, the grizzled hero responded by pumping three bullets into his attacker, who fled. The suspect was soon in custody, however, and survived to face trial. More important, the nonagenarian sheepdog survived also, to testify against the SOB. The story was reported by Joe Wolfcale of Marinscope Newspapers.

In roughly the same time frame in Warren, Michigan a 26-year-old home invader found himself facing an armed householder: a retired cop, according to the Detroit Free Press, which did not name the retiree in its story. Once again, the ex-lawman shot his antagonist three times and won the fight. This time, the good guy emerged unscathed. The retired officer was 62 years of age.
By Massad Ayoob

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2 thoughts on “Carry By Retired Cops


    Rock Island Armory .45 Officer Model. I DuraCoat’ed it (Gloss Black), got some Dura-Grip WASP Nest Pattern grips on it. The little beast is a bit heavy, but the trigger is better than my Gold Cup Trophy. At 60 yoa, I am shooting my best groups in my 30 year Law Enforcement career, as long as my poor aching back will allow. In the Hot TEXAS summers I got a S&W 438 I carry in the front right pocket of my shorts, and I always carry my North American Arms 22mag as my back-up (in summer shorts it’s in my left front pocket. In church I carry, no jihad murders going on when I worship. Safe & Secure Bro.’s

  2. Barry Nothstine

    And here I thought I was an individualist and Ayoob nails me with the Old Cops carry 45’s story. He’s right 9 months out of the year I carry a 1911. It’s heavy but as Clint says carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable, but comforting. I still wish I could talk the wife into a 1911 Commander with an alloy frame, I’m starting to walk cockeyed. Great Magazine, the but published, keep up the good work…..BN in Indiana

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