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If imitation truly is the greatest form of flattery, you would have to look long and hard to find a holster maker whose designs have been more “imitated” then Mr. Lou Alessi’s. Sadly, the world lost not just a great craftsman, but also a great man when Lou passed away in February of 2009. Lou is gone from our lives; but the company and legacy he started continues to live on today.

When Editor Roy first introduced me to Lou at the SHOT Show years ago, he told Lou I was member of the “addicted to the smell of fresh leather” club. I was embarrassed when Lou asked me if I had any of his holsters and hung my head in shame. In passing Lou said, “We’ll have to do something about that won’t we.” When our conversation concluded, I walked away knowing I had just met a truly great man.

About three weeks later, I was getting ready to head in for a swing shift when there was a UPS-knock at the door. The contents of the box blew me away; a Lou Alessi CQC/S with a single mag pouch for my Glock 23 and a note — “Now you have one my holsters.” It seems Lou, with the help of Mr. Roy, had taken care of me in a very big way.
I had it on the other day, and a friend asked wasn’t it a collectors item now that Lou had passed on? I told him if Lou were to find out I had put the holster in a box, he would be disappointed.

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