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If you take a look around the gun industry you will find a bunch of very successful companies who started out in a garage or basement shop, with nothing more than an idea combined with passion and a can-do attitude. One of those companies is Comp-Tac.

Comp-Tac’s GM, Gordon Carrell, told me his boss, Greg Garrett, President and founder of Comp-Tac started making holsters for daily carry and competition back in 2001, in his garage. Fast-forward 10 years and the 1-man show is now in a real building and dozens of employees producing over 30 products, creating 92,000 possible variations to suit users.

After talking with Gordon, we decided he would send me two completely different systems. One was a standard kydex paddle holster and single-mag pouch; the other the leather/kydex IWB Minotaur MTAC holster and Minotaur IWB mag pouch.

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