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The Most Popular Police SIG

By Massad Ayoob Although the polymer-framed, striker-fired designs predominate in police pistols today, the all-metal, hammer-fired double-action semiautomatic has not

Meet ‘WilBer’

Wilson Combat Custom Beretta. By Massad Ayoob Beretta has all but dropped out of the American police pistol market after

Firearms Commonality

The Officer’s Perspective. By Massad Ayoob There was a time when the Illinois State Police encouraged its troopers to use

Are Cops Too Aggressive?

By Massad Ayoob An American Handgunner reader from the Pacific Northwest writes, “I always read Massad Ayoob’s articles first and

Lessons for Cops

From The Zimmerman Trial. The same media-fueled wildfire of lynch mob mentality that almost incinerated George Zimmerman also burned some

Caliber Choice:

A Question Of Confidence. In a world where one size does not fit all, standard issue police handgun choice can