AlienGear’s ShapeShift Customizable Holster

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System seamlessly switches holster configurations without any tools. You could say AlienGear’s holster designs are out of this world clever.

Carry Options: Tote It Tips

Without further fuss or fiasco, let’s focus on a hand-full of our favorite go-to carry concepts. While this isn’t everything, we like to think it helps...
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I wrote my first column on holsters for Handgunner in the Jan/Feb 1997 issue. I’ve long ago lost count of the number of holsters and associated carry...
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N82 Tactical Holsters

I’ve had the pleasure to watch this little company grow from a “Gee, we have an idea” stage to a company doing splendid work supplying honestly...
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Thad Rybka Holsters

Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase a product that would last forever? There’d be no need to send it back for warranty work or repair, and it’d look...
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Around 1995, if memory serves, Tim Wegner founded Blade-Tech in his garage. A classic American success story — once invested with scads of hard work,...
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Putting The "Options" In...

We get flooded with products here, and frankly, some make us scratch our heads and wonder what were they thinking? Those don’t make the cut and you...
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Carry Options... Options

Life is more demanding and complicated than ever before. It seems we need to pack more gear just to keep up. Remember when you just needed your pockets full...
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Diamond D Leather

After meeting these great folks many years ago at a local gun show, I was struck by the sheer high quality of their work. Over the years I’ve used many of...
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Moss Custom Leather

Have you ever used a product and thought to yourself, “It’s not bad, but if it would just do this other thing, it would be great?”
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