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Explosive Charges

The Truth About Cylinder Gap Blast By Will Dabbs, MD. This unretouched photo shows an Italian Peacemaker clone at the

Ruger’s Top 10

Powered-Up SR1911 Delivers Downrange 10mm Impact! By John Taffin Photos By Chuck Pittman, Inc. Ruger was fashionably late to the

It’s Hammer Time

Springfield Armory’s Striker-Free XD-E 9mm By Massad Ayoob Photos By Gail Pepin Mas liked the XD-E’s controllability and was able

Soul Of Steel!

Ka-Bar Enjoys A Well-Grounded History And An Edge On The Future By Pat Covert Photos Chuck Pittman, Inc. Becker Knife

Tyler Gun Works

Eye-Catching Limited Runs And Custom Work By Jeff “Tank” Hoover The Ruger Vaquero (about the same size as a classic

The Mongoose Strikes

.357/9mm Combo By Massad Ayoob If the Colt Python was the Cadillac of revolvers as Colt advertised, the Korth is