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Apex Dream Guns

A Collaboration Of Guilds … With A Bit Of ‘Badlands’ Tossed In Roy Huntington Photos: Chuck Pittman, Inc. Brownells has,

Dusty’s 1911

Can A Novice Build A 1911 From Nighthawk Custom Parts? By Roy Huntington I think you’re there, Dusty. I think

Handgun Scopes

Hunting, Targets, Long-Range Or Plinking What Do You Need To Know? By Mark Hampton As I looked through some of

Grass Roots Grinds!

Habilis Bush Tools By Pat Covert photos: Chuck Pittman, Inc. Like most true blue Americans, we love a grass roots

Outstanding Ammo

A Handful Of Handloading By Celia Crane Although ammo plays an undeniably crucial role in shooting accurately, we’ve all encountered

9mm Revolvers

A Viable Alternative To The .38 Special? By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos By Yvonne Venturino As I was packing up