XS Sights Keeps You On Target With Their New DXT2 Sight

It’s all about faster acquisition, higher visibility and staying on target with XS Sights new Big Dot night sights series.

Safely Practice With Your Gun

You can train with a blue gun or a red gun but it won’t be your gun. But when you do non-shooting training drills with your gun — a real gun —
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HiViZ H3 Tritium/Fiber...

Front sights provide direction, while rear sights allow us to fine-tune our aim. In combat or other shooting scenarios, the mantra is, “Front sight,...
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Power-Up Yer’ Peepers

The Swarovski Z8i 1-8x24 impressed me with top marks for optics and luminosity, as well as for an outstanding field of view for the size. With a 1-8x...
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Close Look At: Lights & Lasers

When “tactical” lights first came out we all thought 50 lumens was mind-blowing and couldn’t imagine needing more.
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They Made A What?

When my friend Zach Waterman of Nosler told me they were working on a handgun project I didn’t believe him. Nosler makes premium bullets, brass and...
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SIG's P320 X-Five

The SIG P320, introduced in 2014–2015 has proven to be a solid success, most notably its acceptance by the U.S. military. It’s also becoming popular as...
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In Hog Heaven

When His Editorship asked me if I wanted to test a Nighthawk Custom pistol, it only took me a second to respond. Did he really think I was going to pass up...
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Sight And Optics Love At...

Handguns are inherently challenging to shoot accurately and the challenge increases in direct proportion as distances grow, combined with the age of our...
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Why So Many Sights?

As the story goes, William Bonney and Tom Horn met in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Tom was just 15, Billy not much older — though he had five notches on the...
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