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The .41 Magnum

A True Classic, Alive And Well By John Taffin Sometimes things just don’t happen the way they should. The .38

Carry ‘Em With Six!

Traditions Engraved Single-Action Sixguns By John Taffin For more than a century, savvy sixgunners went by the “load one, skip

Lee Jurras:

Outstanding American Handgunner By John Taffin Regular readers know of my undying affection for the truly Classic Sixguns; those coming

Blackpowder 101

By John Taffin Ken Wegman, a Handgunner reader, asked about using black powder and substitutes in modern pistols, comparing their

The Spirit Of 1976

40 Years With American Handgunner By John Taffin Lightning really can strike twice although it sometimes takes a little time.