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Rescued Dogs

By Tank Hoover Since rescue dogs seem to be the proper and decent rage these days, I’ve done my part,

Arsenal Molds

By Tank Hoover Bullet molds, the caster’s-contraption to convert lead alloy into lead ammunition, are addictive, to say the least.

About Time

By Tank Hoover Being one of “Roy’s Boys” is a dream come true, even though he jokingly calls me the

Who Knew….?

By Tank Hoover The habits and traits of some shooters may seem odd, or even weird to us, especially when

What Would Elmer Do?

By Tank Hoover Some Thoughts On Cast Bullets… Recently, I was sorting some freshly baked Powder Coated (PC) bullets of

Exercising With Thom

By Tank Hoover While writing to his 15-year old nephew, Peter Carr, in 1785, regarding what he considered the best

Dog Sense

By Tank Hoover Dogs Can Tell Us A Lot If We Would Only Listen… I’m a blessed man! I have