CCW Breakaways

For the last 12 or so years, I’ve had a J-Frame or similar-sized pistol riding in my pocket holster. Please, no hate mail about only having a small revolver and a few speed strips. It’s better than a pocketknife, challenge coin and some pocket lint, and was a good backup gun on duty.

My struggle as a fan of pocket carry is due to the inconsistency in how pants are made. I’ve gone back to the store to buy the same brand and style of my favorite jeans, only to find the pocket dimensions changed. Trying to get my gun out turns me into a monkey with his hand caught in the jar holding the peanut. All the monkey has to do is let go and he’s free, but in my case I can’t let go — if I don’t get the gun out, I’m in deep trouble.


Once you have the Holster-pocket adjusted for the gun you carry, you are ready to roll. A second pocket holster isn’t needed. The design provides protection to the pistol or revolver like it’s actually in a holster. But don’t go throwing keys and junk in the pocket along with your gun, and if you don’t get that one, give me a call and I’ll “splain it” to you.

The ability to have your hand on your gun, ready to go in a second, yet not look like it is, is the beauty of the Holster-pocket carry. The draw from the CCW Breakaways is very gross-motor. Grab your gun in the firing grip and the fist-making motion combined with outward pressure on the pocket pops the quick-release snaps at the top of the pocket, freeing the gun for the rest of your draw-to-shoot or guard sequence. I performed many practice draws from as many awkward positions I could come up with, and I always managed to get the gun out.

I was skeptical at first, but I’m now sold on the concept. It also doesn’t hurt that my wife thinks I look good. She’s never said any of my other holsters make me look fashionable. Go figure.

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One thought on “CCW Breakaways

  1. Aaron Barbee

    I am intrigued by this product after reading the digital article you guys emailed to me. But, I am concerned about how the holster behaves and how the gun ‘appears’ when the wearer is seated. That is one issue I have with my IWB holsters. When I tuck in my shirt, I fret about whether the butt of my grip is protruding too much. Wouldn’t the grip stick out of your pocket if the holster is ‘hiding’ a full-size firearm? Not much concealing at a restaurant if the table next to you sees your handgun. Just curious… Thanks!

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