CCW Breakaways

Concealed carry innovation continues as clothing manufacturers integrate handgun holsters into standard articles of clothing. We’ve seen a fair bit of this already: hidden gun pockets built into shirts, pants, jackets and more. Sometimes with these systems you attach and hang a holstered gun inside an article of clothing. Sometimes a gun tucks securely into a dedicated pocket which becomes a holster. Some of these gun-hiding pockets have appeared under arms or sleeves, inside the waistband of a pair of pants or shorts or briefs, and many other places. CCW Breakaways, a manufacturer of concealed carry clothing, has taken the notion of a well-hidden gun to yet another location: the inner part of your upper thigh. It looks like pocket carry at first but the gun ends up much closer to your body’s center line, hiding under a pant leg and pointing your gun’s muzzle at the ground but along your leg. A specialized holstering system keeps everything in place and the edge of the pocket breaks away with a special motion, allowing your hand to draw your gun. Yes, your hand goes in your pocket to retrieve your gun — similar to pocket carry you can get a full grip on your gun, discreetly — but when it is time to draw, the pant pocket unlatches, allowing an easy exit. The company’s line of concealed carry pants includes comfortable, durable khakis and jeans looking just like comfortable, durable khakis and jeans. Except there’s a decent-sized pistol in there, not interfering with your gut when you sit, not printing because your leg isn’t pushing it out, and not coming out unless you go in after it. CCW Breakaway khakis retail for $85.99; the jeans for $69.99. And they both work great! For more info,, Ph.: (717) 774-2152.

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